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Samprat Bungalow by Design Studio Associates

FeaturedSamprat Bungalow by Design Studio Associates

Step inside the opulence of the Samprat Bungalow, an architectural masterpiece that artfully weaves together the charm of traditional Indian aesthetics with the clean lines of contemporary design. Situated in Vadodara, Gujarat, a city renowned for its vibrant cultural heritage in India, this majestic bungalow, designed by the creative minds at Design Studio Associates in 2019, offers an exclusive luxury lifestyle with its expansive interiors and stunning exteriors.

Adorned with urban textures, claddings, and screens, the bungalow is a testament to innovative elevation treatment, and its harmonious blend of indoor and outdoor spaces captures the essence of luxurious solitude. Whether you’re a homebody or an entertainer, the Samprat Bungalow is sure to captivate your imagination with its enticing night visuals and grand sense of scale.