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Living Happily: Ron Shpigel’s Minimalist Family Home

FeaturedLiving Happily: Ron Shpigel’s Minimalist Family Home

Living Happily, a modern, minimalist house in Hod HaSharon, Israel, designed by Ron Shpigel in 2023, epitomizes family-centered living. This architectural gem, strategically situated on a corner plot, offers an inviting, open space for a family of five.

Shpigel’s design integrates an exposed concrete cube and airy shell, creating a sense of openness and interaction across levels. With unique features like a floating staircase, a blend of natural materials, and a focus on communal spaces, this home redefines modern living while ensuring a cozy, family-oriented atmosphere.

H Apartment by Maya Sheinberger Interior Design

FeaturedH Apartment by Maya Sheinberger Interior Design

Welcome to the exquisite H Apartment, a testament to luxury living in the heart of Hod HaSharon, Israel. Unveil the magic of this deluxe space, thoughtfully redesigned by the renowned Maya Sheinberger Interior Design.

This opulent apartment offers an unparalleled blend of comfort, style, and sophistication, making it a true gem in this vibrant Israeli city, known for its stunning green landscapes and a tranquil yet exciting lifestyle. Join us as we explore this architectural masterpiece.

S Apartment by Maya Sheinberger

S Apartment by Maya Sheinberger

Discover the allure of the S Apartment, a modern masterpiece nestled in the heart of Hod HaSharon, Israel. The brainchild of renowned designer Maya Sheinberger, this 80 square meter (861 square feet) apartment echoes a perfect blend of function and fashion, boasting a warm grayscale palette interspersed with brass and powder pink accents. Flaunting a spacious living area, a cozy dining space, and cleverly integrated storage units, this renovated apartment in an old neighborhood promises an enhanced living experience, ideal for its owner – a woman who values efficiency and an up-to-date aesthetic.

Immerse yourself in the sophisticated design and discover how Sheinberger redefined the apartment’s spatial constraints with a smoked oak cabinet that opens up the interior, seamlessly merging public and private spaces.