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House CLT01: Blending Functionality with Natural Beauty

A modern wooden cabin structure with a steep gable roof and concrete foundation, set amid pine trees.

House CLT01, designed by Atelier AMASA in 2023, is a remarkable embodiment of modern architecture nestled in Barcelonnette, France. This house uniquely integrates with its natural surroundings, preserving local tree clusters while offering stunning views of the adjacent peaks. The design utilizes contemporary methods to enhance both functionality and aesthetic appeal, making it a perfect sanctuary that brings the outdoors inside throughout the seasons.

Amsterdam House Extension: A Modern Space by Serge Schoemaker Architects

A modern, minimalist kitchen with built-in shelving, wood paneling, and a sleek island.

Discover the seamless blend of indoor and outdoor living with the Amsterdam House Extension by Serge Schoemaker Architects. Located in Amsterdam, Netherlands, this 1950s house underwent a dramatic transformation with an L-shaped extension designed in 2024. The innovative use of floor-to-ceiling glass and thoughtful positioning of the kitchen maximizes living space and daylight, creating a modern architectural marvel that enhances the occupants’ lifestyle.

House in Warmiia: Eco-Friendly Living in Poland’s Countryside

A cozy cabin interior with a vaulted wooden ceiling, large windows, and modern furniture.

In Cerkiewnik, Poland, the House in Warmiia emerges as a stunning example of modern architecture effortlessly blending with nature. Designed by Marta Szlachta in 2023, this eco-friendly, single-story house showcases large glazings, natural materials, and a design that invites the outside in, making it an ideal haven for those seeking tranquility and modern amenities in a rural setting.

House of Arches: A Serene Getaway Home in Southern Portugal

FeaturedContemporary villa with arched entrance set amidst wild grass.

Discover House of Arches, Vasco Lima Mayer‘s stunning contribution to Portugal’s vacation homes. This architectural masterpiece, built from ancient ruins, emphasizes comfort, open spaces, and a harmonious blend of past and present.

Designed for extended family retreats, it features expansive common areas, private relaxation zones, and signature arches that invite nature indoors while offering protection from southern Portugal’s heat.

Casa Rosario: A Unique Approach to Urban House Design in Historic Mérida

FeaturedContemporary bedroom with adjoining indoor garden and glass walls.

Casa Rosario, designed by Estudio SantaRita in 2022, sets a new standard for houses in Mérida’s Historic Center. This unique residence, home to a creative family, seamlessly blends artistic expression with architectural innovation. Through its linear layout and distinctive use of natural light and ventilation, the design ensures a fluid, harmonious living space. The integration of outdoor areas and a central pool not only enhances the connection between spaces but also introduces dynamic visual elements. Casa Rosario stands as a vibrant testament to the fusion of art and architecture.