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Archipelago Villa: AGi Architects’ Masterpiece in Spain

A modern single-story home with a prominent wooden awning and lush landscaping.

Discover Archipelago Villa, designed by AGi Architects in 2023, nestled in Madrid, Spain. This unique house redefines family living through its island concept, offering personalized spaces linked by communal areas. Each “island” within the home distinctively connects with its own garden, promoting a seamless flow between indoor and outdoor spaces. This design not only fosters autonomy and privacy but also integrates the surrounding nature, making the villa a modern architectural marvel.

Diamond ADU: A Modern Take on Sonoma Wine Country Homes

Modern living room with large windows and nature view.

Discover Diamond ADU by S^A | Schwartz and Architecture, a pioneering private house nestled in Sonoma, CA. Designed in 2022, this accessory dwelling unit marries the rustic charm of dilapidated farm structures with modern-day elegance and functionality, transforming the concept of the modern farmhouse. Through strategic design, it integrates seamlessly into the landscape, promising a unique blend of historical reverence and contemporary living.