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Casa ATO: Elevating Eco-Friendly Design in San Isidro

Contemporary house with metal facade elevated above a pool and terrace area, surrounded by

Casa ATO, designed by IR Arquitectura in San Isidro, Argentina, is a groundbreaking house that embodies eco-friendly living. Completed in 2020, this residence not only respects the local ecological reserve but enhances it, integrating pre-existing natural elements like old trees and a swimming pool into its design. The structure promotes a symbiotic relationship between humans and nature through smart, sustainable architecture, ensuring both thrive in harmony.

Casa 3X3: Innovative Home Design in San Isidro

FeaturedModern two-story house with illuminated windows and a pool at dusk.

Casa 3X3, designed by IR Arquitectura in 2020, redefines living spaces in San Isidro, Argentina. This innovative house explores grid-based architecture to optimize sunlight, privacy, and flood protection. Its dual-level design separates social and intimate areas while integrating indoor and outdoor environments harmoniously. The blend of structural ingenuity and energy efficiency sets this home apart.