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JEK6: Redefining Space with Light and Luxury

Modern minimalist living room with neutral tones and clean lines.

JEK6, a five-room apartment in Jerusalem’s tranquil neighborhood, emerges anew under Studio ETN‘s vision.

Spanning 130 square meters (1399 square feet), this residence combines modern interior design with practical elegance. The transformation includes a bright, spacious living area, a luxurious master bedroom with a skylight-enhanced shower, and innovative storage solutions. Studio ETN‘s use of light oak, white nano laminate, and stone against Jerusalem’s cool backdrop creates a timeless, inviting space.

Homage to the Holy City: A Luxurious Jerusalem Penthouse

Homage to the Holy City: A Luxurious Jerusalem Penthouse

Discover Homage to the Holy City, a breathtaking luxury duplex penthouse in the heart of Jerusalem, Israel, designed by Erez Hyatt Studio.

Nestled close to the City of David and the walls of Jerusalem, this masterpiece of elegance and style is the perfect holiday home for a Miami-based family of six. Immerse yourself in the exquisite design, featuring rich materials and elements that evoke the holy city’s essence, and explore the expansive 400 sqm (4,305 sq ft) interior and outdoor spaces.