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Farby Apartment: Eclectic Ukrainian Interior by MAKHNO Studio

FeaturedStylish modern interior with wooden paneling, dark sofa, and unique pendant lighting.

Designed by the renowned MAKHNO Studio, the Farby Apartment in Kyiv, Ukraine, is a captivating two-story family home that seamlessly blends diverse styles and artistic elements. This eclectic apartment, completed in 2020, offers a delightful balance of “adult” sophistication and whimsical charm, catering to the clients’ vision of a space that celebrates both calibration and childlike wonder.

BH Apartment: Timeless Elegance Amidst Kyiv’s Classical Architecture

Elegant living room with ornate crown molding, large windows, and eclectic furnishings.

Amidst the backdrop of Ukraine’s wartime challenges, the BH Apartment in Kyiv stands as a testament to the resilience of design. Crafted by the renowned Modektura Studio, this classical-inspired apartment seamlessly blends timeless elegance with mid-century modern charm. Situated within a historic 1900s building, the BH Apartment boasts a spacious corridor-gallery, a loggia, and a balcony that serve as the project’s architectural cornerstones, creating a cohesive and sophisticated living experience.

GENESIS Office: Innovating Workspace Design in Kyiv

Modern office space with glass walls, circular lighting fixtures, and natural elements.

Discover the GENESIS Office, a modern workspace crafted by ZIKZAK Architects in Kyiv, Ukraine. With its innovative blend of minimalist design and smart technology, the office is tailored for the leading IT company Genesis, promoting high work efficiency and rapid employee development. The design cleverly combines natural elements and vibrant colors to create an environment that fosters both concentration and creativity.

Mureli House: A Journey Inside Kyiv’s Apricot-Inspired Home

Minimalist living room with fireplace, contemporary furniture, and textured wall decor.

Mureli House in Kyiv, Ukraine, is a stunning embodiment of creativity and craftsmanship. Designed by MAKHNO Studio in 2021, this house combines modernity with touches of Ukrainian heritage through its apricot-inspired color palette and rounded architecture. Unique design elements, including custom-made furniture and author’s lamps, make this real estate project a masterpiece of contemporary living while honoring tradition.

Luna Apartment: Sence Architects’ Sensory Haven in Kyiv

Luna Apartment: Sence Architects’ Sensory Haven in Kyiv

Discover the Luna apartment in Kyiv, Ukraine, a 2023 creation by Sence Architects, where tactile sensations meet visual delight. This unique apartment showcases a fusion of earthy textures and vibrant colors, echoing the charm of its Ukrainian setting.

Its interior, a symphony of clay-colored decorative plaster, hand-molded bas-reliefs, and natural wood, offers a serene retreat that captivates both the eyes and the touch. The design ingeniously blends smooth wood surfaces with rough walls, rooted in a color palette inspired by clay and sand, accented with Ukrainian-made furniture.

Luna is more than an apartment; it’s an immersive experience in harmony and contrast.

Pied-à-terre With a Lot of Wood: Kyiv’s Modernist Gem

Pied-à-terre With a Lot of Wood: Kyiv’s Modernist Gem

Yana Molodykh‘s creation, Pied-à-terre With a Lot of Wood, brings a special touch to Kyiv’s Podil area. In this attic apartment high up near Zhovten Cinema, the views of the city are stunning. The design cleverly uses beams and metal columns to make the space feel open and cozy. Light woods and bright colors give it a unique, welcoming feel. This place reflects the lively and historic Podil neighborhood perfectly.