Mureli House: A Journey Inside Kyiv’s Apricot-Inspired Home

Mureli House in Kyiv, Ukraine, is a stunning embodiment of creativity and craftsmanship. Designed by MAKHNO Studio in 2021, this house combines modernity with touches of Ukrainian heritage through its apricot-inspired color palette and rounded architecture. Unique design elements, including custom-made furniture and author’s lamps, make this real estate project a masterpiece of contemporary living while honoring tradition.

Sleek, modern interior with curved staircase, sculptural lighting, and textured wall panels.
An architectural space with sculptural lighting fixtures, curved stairs, and intricate wall textures.
Striking architectural space with undulating, sculptural wall panels and minimalist furnishings.
Spacious, modern living room with brick accent wall, plush sofa, and decorative wreath.
Minimalist living room with fireplace, contemporary furniture, and textured wall decor.
A modern, minimalist dining room with a large wooden table, plush chairs, and a striking pendant light.
Minimalist kitchen with muted tones, concrete countertops, and suspended pendant lights.
Spacious modern living room with large windows, textured walls, and plush seating.
Large windows offer a scenic outdoor view, complementing the cozy, modern furnishings.
Minimalist living room with modular beige sofa, organic light fixture, and wood flooring.
A modern bedroom interior with a large, metallic dome light fixture and sleek furnishings.
Spacious bedroom with large window, plush curtains, and distinctive dome-shaped light fixture.
Contemporary bathroom vanity with a natural stone vessel sink, clean lines, and minimalist lighting.
Intricate tile pattern adorns bathroom walls, complementing the striking ceramic basin.

About Mureli House

Discover the Essence of Ukrainian Elegance at Mureli House

In the heart of Kyiv, Ukraine, lies a masterpiece of contemporary architecture known as Mureli House. Completed in the summer of 2021, this project by MAKHNO Studio signifies more than a living space—it’s a homage to Ukrainian cultural heritage, named after the indigenous term for apricots. As you enter the home, you’re greeted by the soft curvature of walls and ceilings, reminiscent of an apricot’s silhouette, setting a tone for the unique design narrative that unfolds across the property.

A Hall that Speaks Volumes

The hall stands as a testament to MAKHNO Studio’s innovative approach, featuring towering walls adorned with a 600 TETRAPOD panel and five colossal KHMARA lamps. These design elements, coupled with textured walls and stairs, imbue the space with a tactile softness. The meticulously crafted handrails, with every wave’s angle preserved, underscore the artisanal prowess that Ukrainian craftsmanship can muster.

Living Spaces Where Details Shine

Segueing from the hall, the house seamlessly integrates living areas designed for heartfelt gatherings. The dining area hosts a grand wooden table for twelve, lit overhead by KHMARA lamps, exuding warmth. The living room, adorned with MAKIVKA copper lamps and a centerpiece fireplace, becomes a focal point for familial joy. Shielded by translucent sliding doors, the kitchen reveals its modernity through four stoneware cubes, mirroring stone textures while championing functionality, illuminated by VOLCANOS, the signature Makhno lamps.

Intimate Quarters with Personalized Touches

The private spaces of Mureli House are a canvas of personal expression. The master bedroom, alongside the dressing room and bathroom, bathes in pink hues, punctuated by custom-designed lighting and furnishings that echo the homeowner’s preferences. Every element, from the gradient of the shower cabin’s corrugated glass to the author’s ceramic tile FLAPJACK, is the result of thorough conceptualization and crafting, ensuring the realization mirrors initial visualizations.

Mureli House not only stands as a beacon of residential architecture but also traverses the fine line between modern utility and the revival of cultural lexicon, encapsuled within its apricot-inspired design. Through MAKHNO Studio’s expertise, it fosters an environment where every detail contributes to a cohesive narrative, making it a landmark project in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Photography courtesy of MAKHNO Studio
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- by Matt Watts