Casa CTV 2: How IDAA Architetti Melds Past With Present

Discover Casa CTV 2 in Turin, Italy, a stunning apartment designed by IDAA architetti in 2023. This rooftop gem skillfully merges medieval aesthetics with contemporary design, featuring exposed wooden beams, brick walls, and modern furnishings. Set within Turin’s historic Roman quarter, it offers a unique living experience where history meets modernity.

Modern kitchen with sleek black cabinetry, exposed brick wall, and wooden ceiling beams.
Cozy loft-style living room with exposed brick walls, wooden ceiling, and sleek gray sofa.
Rustic wooden beams contrast with modern furnishings in this cozy dining nook.
Sleek, minimal kitchen with black cabinets and wooden backsplash in modern industrial space.
Modern bedroom with sloped ceiling, white walls, and minimalist round wall decor.
Modern attic bedroom with slanted ceiling, brick wall, standalone tub, and minimalist shelving.
Spacious bathroom with a freestanding tub, arched window, and textured walls.
A modern bathroom with an arched window overlooking a city skyline, featuring sleek black fixtures.
A picturesque rooftop structure with arched windows and intricate balconies overlooking a historic city.

About Casa CTV 2

Casa CTV 2: A Marriage of History and Modernity

Nestled in the heart of Turin’s historic Roman quarter, Casa CTV 2 emerges as a triumph of restoration. Conceived in 2023 by IDAA architetti, this rooftop apartment merges medieval bones with sleek contemporary design. Wooden beams intersect with modern furnishings, as exposed brick walls whisper tales of old.

Inside Casa CTV 2: Where Past Meets Present

IDAA architetti’s vision unfolds room by room with effortless synchrony. The living space features a minimalist kitchen with a stark black countertop, offset by the warm glow of the brickwork. A muted gray sofa accessorized with vibrant yellow cushions offers a pop of color, and industrial materials like iron and glass make subtle appearances throughout, reminding visitors of the apartment’s modern twist.

Transitioning to the dining area, understated elegance prevails. Simple black chairs circle a matching table, flanked by windows that allow light to dance across the medieval ceiling. The effect is serene, suitable for reflective mornings or social evenings.

The designers’ thoughtful use of space shines in a cozy nook, where the sofa invites guests to gaze through the doorway towards the cityscape—or retreat into the apartment’s embrace.

Spectacular Views and Intimate Spaces

An ingenious blend of rustic charm and edgy aesthetics defines the bedroom space. Under sloping ceilings, the room features a contemporary bed opposite a free-standing bathtub, creating a luxurious enclave for relaxation.

In the ensuite, modern fixtures stand alongside an elegantly curved window, framing breathtaking views of the city. Here, the contrast of historical architecture and modern living culminates most beautifully.

The apartment’s allure extends outside, where a balcony view showcases Via Garibaldi. Residents can savour an unmatched panorama of Turin’s antique beauty, making Casa CTV 2 not just a living space, but a sensory experience.

In every corner of Casa CTV 2, IDAA architetti has crafted an environment where every element conspires to tell a cohesive story—one of history’s texture and today’s refinement intertwined.

Photography courtesy of IDAA architetti
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- by Matt Watts