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Water’s Edge: Captivating Coastal Residence by SAOTA

FeaturedModern, multi-level beachside residence with lush tropical landscaping and glass facade.

Designed by renowned architecture firm SAOTA, the Water’s Edge house in Sydney, Australia, is a stunning example of modern design that seamlessly integrates with its picturesque harbour setting.

This multilevel family home, completed in 2023, showcases a sensitive approach that minimizes its profile to preserve the neighborhood’s character while offering unparalleled views and a continuous connection to the water. The use of natural materials, including Lava stone and honed Mount White Sandstone, allows the residence to blend effortlessly with the surrounding landscape, while the carefully curated landscaping echoes the boldness of the architecture.

Cast Corbel House: Blending Victorian Charm and Contemporary Flair

A two-story brick home with dormers, an extended porch, and large windows overlooking a landscaped garden.

In the heart of Norwich’s verdant Golden Triangle, architects Grafted have breathed new life into Cast Corbel House, a meticulously redesigned five-bedroom detached home that celebrates material exploration and artisanal craftsmanship. Launched in 2022, the Norwich-based design firm seamlessly blended the property’s Victorian heritage with a striking contemporary extension featuring a geometric precast and brick façade.

Grafted‘s commitment to delivering high-quality design and exceptional craftsmanship is evident throughout this debut project, from the handcrafted oak cabinetry in the kitchen to the undulating pattern of the precast concrete panels adorning the exterior.

House K: A Modern Mediterranean Gem in Bodrum

FeaturedA modern architectural structure with bamboo and glass elements, surrounded by lush vegetation.

Discover House K in Bodrum, a stunning example of modern Mediterranean design by ACARARCH, completed in 2021. This residential masterpiece showcases a blend of stone cladded blocks and sleek glass facades, set against the lush landscape of Gümüşlük. Each space within House K, from the living area to the guest residence, has been meticulously crafted to offer a harmonious balance of luxury and nature, characterized by its unique combination of materials, colors, and natural light.

Ventana by Roberto Sanna

Ventana by Roberto Sanna

Immerse yourself in the tranquil ambiance of Ventana, an inspiring outdoor space nestled in the heart of Dorgali, Sicily, Italy. This picturesque garden, masterfully designed by the acclaimed Roberto Sanna in 2019, is a true reflection of synergy between nature and design.

Known for its awe-inspiring landscapes and a rich tapestry of culture, Dorgali offers the perfect backdrop for this architectural marvel. Join us as we explore this creative haven, where traditional Italian charm meets contemporary design aesthetics.