House K: A Modern Mediterranean Gem in Bodrum

Discover House K in Bodrum, a stunning example of modern Mediterranean design by ACARARCH, completed in 2021. This residential masterpiece showcases a blend of stone cladded blocks and sleek glass facades, set against the lush landscape of Gümüşlük. Each space within House K, from the living area to the guest residence, has been meticulously crafted to offer a harmonious balance of luxury and nature, characterized by its unique combination of materials, colors, and natural light.

A modern architectural structure with bamboo and glass elements, surrounded by lush vegetation.

House K: A Symphony of Stone and Light

House K, situated in the picturesque Gümüşlük, Bodrum, showcases a fusion of natural stone and transparent elements, creating a peaceful retreat. ACARARCH took charge of the interior, landscaping, and extensions after the initial design by Boran Ekinci Architecture. This collaborative approach resulted in a home that seamlessly blends with its sloping terrain. At its heart, House K comprises four stone-clad blocks, with living spaces on the upper level and private quarters below. The design introduces steel and glass to harmonize these separate volumes under a unifying pergola.

Rustic patio with thatched roof, stone walls, and lush vegetation overlooking a scenic landscape.

Innovative Connections and Transparent Spaces

To enhance the flow between levels, a striking steel staircase was inserted, connecting the living area to the ground floor’s diverse functions. Exterior additions, including a glass-encased entrance and corridor, amplify the home’s openness, blurring the boundaries between inside and out. Landscaping choices mirror the home’s architectural philosophy. Minimalist gravel replaces traditional grass, and native plants highlight Bodrum’s water conservation needs. The selection of olive trees and tropical foliage, alongside natural rock formations, reinforces the house’s connection to its environment.

Spacious living room with wooden beams, white sofas, and a large glass wall overlooking nature.

A Mediterranean Palette with Modern Flair

Within House K, the decor adopts a Mediterranean ethos, relying on soft tones and light textures to craft a serene atmosphere. Decorative painting and custom wooden furnishings epitomize the home’s elegant simplicity. In contrast, transparent surfaces in the bathroom areas ensure a spacious feel, inviting natural light. The overall aesthetic is a mix of traditional Mediterranean warmth and contemporary sophistication, making House K a unique dwelling that respects its natural setting while providing a modern living experience.

Airy open-concept space with exposed wooden beams, modern furniture, and stone accent wall.
Sleek, modern kitchen with expansive windows, wooden beams, and minimalist decor.
A modern indoor-outdoor space with a wooden slat ceiling, sliding glass doors, and desert landscaping.
A modern, spacious interior with glass walls, stone accents, and a wooden ceiling.
Minimalist bedroom with wood accents, natural lighting, and a statement artwork.
Minimalist bedroom featuring concrete floors, wooden shelving, and a glass-paneled wall.
A modern bathroom with a large oval mirror, wood vanity, and sleek shower fixture.
A rustic stone hallway with a thatched roof, wooden stairs, and lush tropical plants.
Weathered stone exterior frames a path flanked by cacti, leading to an inviting entrance.
A modern, rustic home nestled in a lush, desert-inspired landscape with stone walls and wooden accents.

Photography by İbrahim Özbunar

- by Matt Watts