Cast Corbel House: Blending Victorian Charm and Contemporary Flair

In the heart of Norwich’s verdant Golden Triangle, architects Grafted have breathed new life into Cast Corbel House, a meticulously redesigned five-bedroom detached home that celebrates material exploration and artisanal craftsmanship. Launched in 2022, the Norwich-based design firm seamlessly blended the property’s Victorian heritage with a striking contemporary extension featuring a geometric precast and brick façade.

Grafted‘s commitment to delivering high-quality design and exceptional craftsmanship is evident throughout this debut project, from the handcrafted oak cabinetry in the kitchen to the undulating pattern of the precast concrete panels adorning the exterior.

A two-story brick home with dormers, an extended porch, and large windows overlooking a landscaped garden.
Bright, modern interior with expansive windows overlooking a lush, landscaped courtyard.
Warm, modern kitchen and dining area with wooden beams, large window, and colorful decor.
Modern kitchen with warm oak cabinets, concrete backsplash, and hanging copper lamps.
Inviting entryway with ornate wood staircase, patterned tile floor, and stylish lighting.
Cozy living room with minimalist decor, built-in shelves, and a central fireplace.
A brick-and-wood structure with a large glass wall, recessed entryway, and decorative trim.
Brick building with a slanted metal roof, surrounded by lush greenery and a wooden fence.

About Cast Corbel House

Crafting a Contemporary Masterpiece in Norwich’s Golden Triangle

Nestled in the lush, verdant suburbs of Norwich, UK, the Cast Corbel House stands as a triumphant collaboration between the homeowners and the design experts at Grafted. This 2023 project, situated within the city’s desirable Golden Triangle, showcases the firm’s exceptional ability to seamlessly blend modern architecture with timeless craftsmanship.

Grafted: Redefining the Design-Build Experience

Grafted, a rising design and build firm established in 2022, seized the opportunity to transform the existing Victorian house into a captivating, family-friendly oasis. Driven by their clients’ vision and a dedication to quality, the Grafted team honed their in-house fabrication skills, enabling them to deliver the ambitious design within the project’s constraints.

Reinventing the Floor Plan for Functional Living

The original ground floor plan of the five-bedroom detached house presented challenges, with limited natural light and poor accessibility. Grafted’s keen eye for reorganization crafted a new layout that distinctly separates the office, rest, and social areas, allowing for better work-life balance and ample space for the growing family and their frequent guests.

Blending Old and New: A Material Exploration

Grafted’s signature approach to material exploration shines through in the striking geometric precast and brick façade of the rear extension. The practice’s hands-on approach to craftsmanship is evident in the corbelled precast masonry, which creates a sensitive dialogue between the home’s heritage and its contemporary transformation.

Crafting Tactile Luxury: The Kitchen and Beyond

The kitchen exemplifies Grafted’s ability to deliver beautiful, functional joinery. Handcrafted cabinetry with carefully chamfered edges and a bespoke spice drawer showcase the practice’s attention to detail. The warm, natural material palette enhances the connection to the large rear garden, creating a cozy, inviting ambiance throughout the home.

Embracing Local Talent: Art and Landscape Design

Grafted’s appreciation for local artistry is showcased in the curated selection of works from the Norwich-based Mandell’s Contemporary Art Gallery, which adorns the kitchen and living areas. The landscape design by studio gb further complements the home’s architectural elements, with a radial paving design and warm planting palette that seamlessly integrate with the existing mature trees and vegetation.

As Grafted’s debut project, the Cast Corbel House stands as a testament to the practice’s commitment to delivering high-quality design, skilled craftsmanship, and personalized solutions for their clients. This captivating transformation in Norwich’s Golden Triangle sets the stage for Grafted’s continued success in redefining the design-build experience.

Photography by French and Tye
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- by Matt Watts