Feuer & Flamme: Jena’s Unique Hotel Conversion with Cooking Workshops

Tucked in the charming village of Kunitz, just 5 km from the vibrant city of Jena, Germany, stands the captivating project known as Feuer & Flamme. Designed by the talented duo of Adlich & Fliedner in 2024, this former fire station has been transformed into a remarkable hotel, blending the building’s rich history with contemporary design.

Featuring striking architectural elements, including two bonneted roofs and expansive windows, the property seamlessly integrates the existing quarry stone walls, creating a harmonious balance between old and new.

Cozy living room with stone fireplace, leather sofas, patterned rug, and hanging lamps.
Striking contemporary interior with exposed concrete, wooden accents, and vibrant lighting fixtures.
Rustic living room with exposed stone wall, leather furniture, and large window offering outdoor view.
A modern kitchen with red mobile workstations, exposed stone walls, and globe pendant lights.
A rustic dining area with a vibrant red table and chairs contrasted against a stone wall.
Minimalist and geometric interior design with triangular wall panel and cozy sofa.
Minimalist wooden interior with geometric patterns, red bed frame, and natural lighting.
A cozy bathroom with neutral tones, wood vanity, and modern fixtures, creating a warm ambiance.
A modern, triangular structure with a distinctive blue metal framework stands in a village setting.

About Feuer & Flamme

Transforming Tradition: Feuer & Flamme

Nestled in the charming village of Kunitz, just 5 km from Jena’s city center, Feuer & Flamme stands as a captivating intersection of history and modern design. Designed by the visionary team of Adlich & Fliedner in 2024, this former fire station has undergone a remarkable transformation, evolving into a multifunctional haven for visitors seeking unique experiences.

Honoring the Past, Embracing the Future

The project’s lead architect, Stefan Adlich, expertly blends the building’s rich history with a contemporary aesthetic. By preserving the original quarry stone walls, the design pays homage to the structure’s past as a gathering place for the local community. Yet, through strategic openings, expansive windows, and striking roof bonnets, the building now exudes a modern, inviting atmosphere that beckons visitors to explore its many facets.

A Versatile Oasis

Feuer & Flamme is more than just a holiday home; it is a multifunctional sanctuary that caters to a diverse range of activities. Visitors can indulge in cooking workshops, immerse themselves in special events, or simply unwind in the cozy sleeping gallery. The spacious interiors, illuminated by skylights and warmed by an open fireplace, provide the perfect backdrop for shared experiences and culinary delights.

Seamless Integration of Materials

The interior design, crafted by Jana Gunstheimer, seamlessly blends the building’s historic elements with modern touches. The solid stone masonry is complemented by brick additions and an exposed screed, creating a harmonious and tactile experience. Bespoke furniture, lighting, and curtains add pops of color and texture, transforming the space into a captivating stage for any occasion.

Rooftop Vantage Point

As the final touch, the top floor of Feuer & Flamme boasts a cozy retreat with a wooden paneled interior and a glass-enclosed exit leading to a roof terrace. Perched above the valley, this elevated vantage point offers breathtaking views of the surrounding Saale-Unstrut region, allowing guests to savor the evening sun and a glass of the local wine while immersed in the tranquil natural landscape.

Feuer & Flamme is a testament to the power of adaptive reuse, where the past and present converge to create a truly unique and memorable experience. Whether you’re seeking a relaxing getaway, a culinary adventure, or a venue for special events, this captivating project in Kunitz promises to leave a lasting impression.

Photography by Iona Dutz
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- by Matt Watts