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Upper Albert: Luxury Meets Heritage in This Stunning Cape Town House

FeaturedStriking modern architecture with intricate metal lattices, balconies, and lush greenery.

Discover Upper Albert, a stunning five-bedroom house designed by ARRCC in 2022, located in the heart of Cape Town, South Africa. This property showcases a unique blend of modern architecture with a thoughtful dialogue on materiality, featuring interiors that echo the skills of local artisans and use sustainable materials like green stone aggregate and Rustenburg granite. Each space within Upper Albert is a testament to innovative design and luxurious living, perfectly situated to offer magnificent views of the city and harbor.

Casa Toro: How This Ocean-Inspired House Merges With Nature

Circular concrete structure with wood accents, pool, and terraced exterior surroundings.

Casa Toro, designed by Estudio Carroll in 2023, stands as a beacon of sustainable architecture in Oaxaca City, Mexico. This innovative house, spanning approximately 250 m² (about 2690 ft²), seamlessly blends with its coastal surroundings, promoting energy-efficient living without sacrificing luxury. Through the use of local materials and thoughtful design, Casa Toro offers a unique living experience that harmoniously connects its residents with nature.

Domus Augusta: A Minimalist Haven in Acqui Terme

Domus Augusta: A Minimalist Haven in Acqui Terme

Nestled in the picturesque hills of Monferrato, Italy, lies the splendid Domus Augusta, a testament to the transformative power of contemporary design. This handsome apartment, once a 1960s relic, has been completely reimagined by In2 Architettura Ed Interior Design, culminating in an exquisite renovation in 2022.

The design is a harmonious blend of contemporary and minimalist elements, with a devotion to natural light and local craftsmanship. Diagonal lines, reminiscent of the surrounding foliage, guide you through the space, while a custom-made teak parquet floor, laid at a unique 41° angle, visually escorts you from the entrance to the living room. The double exposure, facilitated by full-height sliding glass doors, ensures the apartment is bathed in sunlight at all hours, illuminating even the most central parts of the house.