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ADND Office: A Modernist Oasis in Mumbai’s Historic Heart

Entrance lobby with dark wooden panels, framed art displays, and a metal bench against a lush plant.

Embarking on a new chapter in the vibrant heart of Mumbai, ADND’s office project embraces a redefined syntax of raw materiality and bold architectural nuances. Designed in 2024, this office space in India showcases the creative vision of Atelier Design N Domain, led by Principal Architects Anand Menon and Shobhan Kothari.

The 100-year-old industrial compound, once a heritage enterprise, has been meticulously transformed into a sanctuary of boundless creativity and self-expression, reflecting the shared experiences of the ADND team.

Penthouse: Luxury Apartment Design by Atelier Design N Domain

Stylish modern living room with arched entryways, gray furniture, and a statement artwork.

Situated in the bustling city of Mumbai, India, the Zydus Penthouse designed by Atelier Design N Domain showcases a remarkable blend of modern elegance and strategic spatial planning. This luxurious apartment, nestled atop a newly constructed guesthouse, boasts a commanding view of the airport runways and the winding western expressway. The designers have expertly navigated the structural constraints of the inherited grid, seamlessly integrating the penthouse’s design with the overall building’s architecture.

Shift House: Uninterrupted Views of the Western Ghats in India

FeaturedStriking modern architectural design with cantilevered levels, glass walls, and waterfall feature.

Designed by the acclaimed Atelier Design N Domain, the Shift House in Alibag, India, is a striking example of modern residential architecture. This 6,500 sq ft house, completed in 2019, seamlessly blends into the surrounding UNESCO-recognized Western Ghats and man-made lake, offering uninterrupted views. The design strategy employed by the architects ensures that the built form minimally obstructs the stunning natural landscape, creating a harmonious and transparent living experience.

Wadkar Residence: Luxury Apartment Design in Mumbai

FeaturedCozy interior with wooden accents, plush furniture, and lush greenery creating a serene ambiance.

The Wadkar Residence, a captivating apartment project in Mumbai, India, designed by the acclaimed Atelier Design N Domain in 2022, showcases a harmonious blend of contemporary and natural elements.

Featuring a lofty split-level lounge space cloaked in warm oak wood, this private residence for a celebrated artist effortlessly balances the private lower floor with the inviting upper-level terrace. The use of light wood tones, cool blues, and vibrant yellows creates a fresh, lounge-like ambiance, while the integration of large, leafy greens enhances the connection between the interior and the outdoor spaces.

The Balmy Store in Satara: A Beacon of Sustainable Storefront Design

The Balmy Store in Satara: A Beacon of Sustainable Storefront Design

In the heart of Maharashtra’s Satara, known for its scenic beauty and cultural heritage, The Balmy Store emerges as a beacon of sustainable design. Crafted by the distinguished Work of Walls in 2023, this store embodies the essence of Rustic Art, an organic personal care giant.

With an emphasis on organic and reused materials, the store showcases an enticing blend of aesthetics and ethics, proving once again that beauty can coexist with sustainability.

Gadi House: Contemporary Indian Architecture Immersed in Maharashtra’s Rich Legacy

Gadi House: Contemporary Indian Architecture Immersed in Maharashtra’s Rich Legacy

Discover the sublime fusion of traditional design and modern aesthetics at the Gadi House, a contemporary Indian architectural marvel located in the heart of Maharashtra, India. Designed by the renowned PMA Madhushala in 2020, this house is a testament to India’s rich heritage.

Seamlessly integrating the principles of the local ‘Wada’ dwelling with the demands of contemporary living, this house sprawls across 1.2 acres (approximately 52,272 square feet) of ancestral land. With its timeless design and self-sustaining features, Gadi House is the epitome of an architectural bridge connecting past traditions with future aspirations.

Sharvari by Mayur Gandhi

Sharvari by Mayur Gandhi

Sharvari is a beautiful house located in Satara, Maharashtra, India, designed by renowned architect Mayur Gandhi. The house is a unique blend of traditional and modern architecture, boasting a spacious frontage and an ‘angaan’ entryway with a tulsi vrundavan at its center.

The clients brief emphasized convenience, which is why the kitchen has been designed with minimal use of materials, and the south side of the building is kept dead to avoid glare while the exposed brick wall in the living room and dining area offers an aesthetical touch. For a more interactive approach, a foldable staircase with a skylight has been included.

The house also offers amazing views of the Ajinkyatara fort located nearby, so the designers have included a full glass façade in the master bedroom to capture the mesmerizing view and a terrace which overlooks the verandah below. There is also an upper lobby area and a multipurpose hall opening into a huge open terrace, as well as a mini bar framing the sunset view of the fort.