The Filigree House by Aum Architects

The Filigree House is a luxury apartment located in Mumbai, India, designed in 2021 by Aum Architects.

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The Residence, The Filigree House, presents a luxurious look with the use of high-end materials that enhances the sophisticated indoors. Located in one of the poshest districts of Mumbai, Wadala, the 1682 sq ft apartment is surrounded by panoramic views from all ends, showcasing a bespoke design narrative. Aum Architects presents the residence as the epitome of comfort and luxury with subtle design style and clean lines.

The client, having shifted from a house to an apartment, was in need of clutter-free spaces while solving all functional requirements. The planning needed the team of Aum Architects to carve out 3 bedrooms primarily for the members of the family, a multi-purpose media room that would also double up as the guest bedroom, a large living-dining room, a kitchen with an attached servants quarter, and bathrooms attached to each of the areas. The zoning is done in a way that not only solves ergonomic problems but also provides rich opportunities for unique design elements.

The apartment opens up to a long passage leading into the living room. Being a narrow space, mirror and white marble flooring has been used extensively in the corridor. A bespoke wooden ceiling adds an inclined profile leading to the living room. Keeping in mind the requirement to have a flexible space for entertaining, the multipurpose/guest room next to the living has been designed to be its extension. Divided by a large robust sliding door, the guest/media room is distinct yet cohesive with a similar approach of the material palette as the living room extending into it. Making the entrance and living room an epitome of luxury, the space is awash with natural light, amplifying the feature with pristine white flooring.

The seating in the living room was planned nestled closer to the windows in subtle colours with lavish gold accents. The piece de resistance of this area is a large brass table while the grandeur of the seating area is balanced by an uber-chic dining section. Subdued compared to the living room seating, the marble dining table top and contrasting grey leather in purple velvet piping of chair upholstery offer an opulent touch. The kitchen is infused with a modern take on a European colour palette. The cabinetry is finished in Duck egg blue colour; a stark mustard yellow tile is used as a highlighter. The centre island included within the kitchen offers the space a functional layout while adhering to the tasteful aesthetics. The powder bathroom is skillfully clad with a beige Breccia marble to display the glorious unison of the marble veins. The door of the powder bathroom and the sliding door of the family room are camouflaged to appear like a wall panel. The highlight of the space is the custom-designed bar unit with an elliptical wooden insertion into a grooved high gloss cabinet. The subtle geometric invasions made into the piece makes it a unique art form. Infused with ethnicity as per the design brief, the distinctly small mandir area has been cohesively chiselled into the periphery of the living room.

Walking further inside, the first bedroom is for the oldest members of the family. The rooms are thus designed with sleek lines to encourage a clutter-free space. A large wardrobe in veneer finish and gold inlay work offers a flushed effect. A mirror dressing cabinet is placed in the nook at the entrance. Accentuating the room’s elegance, the bed back wall and the bed have been upholstered in leather in a timeless combination of grey and tan while a brass frame with indirect light defines the leather cladding. The kid’s bedrooms exude their distinctive personalities making the space dynamic to both the young users. A combination of pastel shades with complimentary indigo has been playfully used across the room. The study table has a tall unit made to appear delicate by finishing in pastel blue. While a linear geometry is followed in the space, a grooved bed back wall has been included and has a bespoke light feature with a Concave mirror.

The master bedroom at the apex of the apartment is designed to be the most extravagant. While a large chesterfield Bordeaux upholstered headboard dominates the room, the walk-in wardrobe amalgamated with the bathroom offers the space its uniqueness. The space is divided from the bedroom with an impressively designed synchronized sliding door and the boudoir extension into the room makes the space larger. The sliding door holds a swanky high gloss recess with an inclined wooden detail forming the door handle. The sumptuous space has white marble flooring just as the accented wall in complimentary grey marble. The passage leading into the bedroom has a wooden ceiling that drops down into a black high gloss and black tinted mirror cabinet.

The residence displays acute attention to the user’s needs while the interiors accentuate the stylised luxury within. The apartment is a unique take on modern architectural style with a clean design approach to create an extraordinary living experience for the clients. A gamut of personalities is reflected in each of these skilled designed spaces. Wrapping up the entire designed scheme in a neatly tied bow, a filigree of design fills the residence.

Photography courtesy of Aum Architects

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- by Matt Watts