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Three Pines: Modular Design Meets Chesapeake Bay Wetlands

Modern wood-clad home with asymmetrical volumes, large windows, and a covered porch.

Three Pines, a 2,100 square foot home designed by RES4, is nestled along the edge of the Chesapeake Bay wetlands in North Beach, United States. Composed of six modular boxes arranged in a courtyard hybrid layout, this house was designed with a retiring couple in mind, prioritizing aging-in-place features. By prefabricating the majority of the home off-site, the modest budget was kept in check, and the overall construction timeline was reduced to just six months.

Casa Blanco: The Perfect Family Abode with Colorful Flair

Casa Blanco: The Perfect Family Abode with Colorful Flair

Discover Casa Blanco, a stunning fusion of Spanish minimalism and vibrant Mexican flair, nestled in the charming Silver Spring, Maryland. Designed by Kube Architecture, this two-story family home offers a breathtaking double-height living space, floor-to-ceiling windows, and an array of sustainable features.

Embrace the warmth of your surroundings as you explore this modern masterpiece, showcasing a seamless blend of style, functionality, and eco-friendly living.