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Casa Alpes: A Harmonious Fusion of Architecture and Nature

Expansive living room with floor-to-ceiling windows, plush green upholstery, and modern art.

Casa Alpes, a stunning house in Mexico City, showcases the architectural prowess of grupoarquitectura. Designed in 2018, this residential masterpiece features a unique circulation system reminiscent of a spinal cord, with parallel walls creating a series of interconnected spaces. The centerpiece is a striking three-story cylinder of white concrete, where the interior spaces appear to float, supported by a circular structure of beams. Boasting a harmonious blend of materials, including glass, Pietra Gray marble, and Walnut wood, the house seamlessly integrates modern automation systems for energy efficiency and convenience.

High Tech Company: Designing a Modern, Collaborative Office Space

Bright, modern office space with tropical-inspired murals, wooden beams, and vibrant furniture.

One of the most complex challenges in this office design project by Mexican architect Juan Carlos Baumgartner in Mexico City was to create a highly functional, collaborative, and technology-driven workspace that prioritizes human connection and wellbeing. Designed in 2021, the innovative high tech company office features flexible, modular workstations, versatile meeting areas, and playful spaces that encourage employees to gather, interact, and thrive in a dynamic, nature-inspired environment.

Providencia Apartment: Sophisticated Design Harmony

Contemporary living room with wooden walls and large window.

Experience the chic and functional design of the Providencia Apartment in Mexico City by Chain + Siman. This 400 square meter apartment boasts a balance of simplicity, clear open spaces, and a neutral palette, creating an aesthetic and structural harmony.

Step into this elegant space where natural luminosity and the use of noble materials like Black Walnut wood and marble define a timeless and warm ambiance.

Espacio Inteligente: The Pinnacle of Modern Showrooms

Espacio Inteligente: The Pinnacle of Modern Showrooms

Step into Espacio Inteligente, Serrano Plus‘s latest industrial-style showroom in Mexico City’s Torres Bioparque complex.

Conceived in 2021, this sixth-floor space merges exceptional functionality with panoramic park views. It’s a haven for design professionals, boasting innovative displays, a striking central sample area, and a nature-inspired terrace.

Espacio Inteligente sets a new standard in showroom design with its advanced acoustic features and adaptable layouts, offering an unparalleled experience in modern interior design.

Casa Conchagua: Modern Brick Marvel by Natalia Menache

FeaturedCasa Conchagua: Modern Brick Marvel by Natalia Menache

In the heart of Mexico City stands Casa Conchagua, a testament to architectural innovation. Designed by Natalia Menache in 2020, this two-story house embodies modernity with its brick design.

Prioritizing comfort and function, every space in the house resonates with natural charm and elegance. With handmade bricks forming its majestic lobby and a concrete sculptural staircase symbolizing art in motion, this residence captures the essence of luxurious living while embracing the beauty of nature.

Ruben Darío: Setting the Bar for Open-Plan Apartments in Mexico City

Ruben Darío: Setting the Bar for Open-Plan Apartments in Mexico City

Immerse yourself in the world of Ruben Darío, a stunning apartment designed by PPAA in 2018. Nestled on the seventh floor of a contemporary building in Polanco, Mexico City, this residence effortlessly fuses interior and exterior spaces. Overlooking a sprawling city park, the design pays homage to the concept of open spaces, minimizing enclosures and maximizing panoramic views.

Discover the seamless flow from the neutral, clean-lined interior to the expansive park-facing terrace, all orchestrated by the clever use of moving panels and uniform flooring.

Lluvia: Where Mexico City’s History Meets Modern Minimalism

FeaturedLluvia: Where Mexico City’s History Meets Modern Minimalism

Step into the heart of Mexico City, where the minimalist two-story house, Lluvia, resides. Nestled in the historic Jardines del Pedregal neighborhood, PPAA‘s 2019 design is a flawless blend of nature and architecture. With inspirations drawn from the surrounding volcanic landscape, this single-family residence presents an enchanting dialogue between the environment and structure.

Monte Tauro: Harmony of Wood and Concrete in Mexico City

Monte Tauro: Harmony of Wood and Concrete in Mexico City

Discover Monte Tauro, a single-family concrete house nestled in the prestigious neighborhood of Lomas de Chapultepec, Mexico City. Ingeniously designed by PPAA in 2021, this innovative dwelling offers a unique spatial concept divided along three distinct axes — public, service, and bedroom — each serving a different purpose. Enclosed in an L-shaped scheme, the public spaces are distinctively separated and encased within an enchanting wooden structure, setting up a remarkable contrast to the solid concrete design.