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Palm Avenue House: Blending Luxury with Modernist Design

FeaturedPalm Avenue House: Blending Luxury with Modernist Design

Discover Palm Avenue House, a modernist masterpiece in Delhi Division, designed by Architecture Discipline. Completed in 2018, this home merges natural elements with luxurious interiors, reflecting its residents’ essence. Its minimalistic exteriors and thoughtful interior planning embody a progressive, timeless elegance. The house boasts high ceilings, vibrant kids’ rooms, and a deep connection to nature, catering to both private and communal living.

Beaumaris Townhouses: Redefining Bayside Living

Beaumaris Townhouses: Redefining Bayside Living

Discover the Beaumaris Townhouses in Melbourne, Australia, a testament to modernist minimalism in architecture. Designed by Robert Harwood Architects + Interiors, these homes are a tribute to the celebrated modernist style of Melbourne’s bayside suburbs.

The townhouses seamlessly blend indoor and outdoor living, featuring innovative materials and a unique color palette inspired by local modernist homes. Enjoy natural light-filled spaces, a private study with an ensuite bathroom, and indigenous landscaped gardens, all while experiencing the elegance of a design that redefines townhouse living.

Casa Bunker: Brutalism Meets Nature in Mexico

Casa Bunker: Brutalism Meets Nature in Mexico

Casa Bunker is a striking architectural gem nestled in Veracruz, Mexico. Designed in 2021 by Tannia Barreto, this house merges the robustness of brutalist architecture with modernist elegance.

Surrounded by verdant tropical landscapes, Casa Bunker stands as a contemporary sanctuary, offering a unique fusion of serene living and natural splendor. Its open terraces and water features integrate seamlessly into the environment, creating a sensory retreat that celebrates the union of human design and nature’s beauty.

Chelsea Brut: The Modernist Rebirth of a Brutalist Townhouse

Chelsea Brut: The Modernist Rebirth of a Brutalist Townhouse

Discover “Chelsea Brut” in London, a breathtaking revival of a brutalist townhouse by Pricegore. This modernist gem, nestled in the historic Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, seamlessly blends its Victorian roots with contemporary family living. Pricegore‘s ingenious use of space, complemented by raw materials and lush gardens, redefines the townhouse while enhancing its thermal efficiency and energy sustainability.

With a nod to mid-century Brazilian architecture, Chelsea Brut stands as a testament to the timeless appeal of thoughtfully conserved modernist design.

Modernist-Style House: Elegant, Open-Plan Revival

Modernist-Style House: Elegant, Open-Plan Revival

Step into the Modernist-style House in Aalst, Belgium—a 1960s residence artfully reenvisioned by Objekt Architecten in 2022. Embracing the home’s original modernist essence, this renovation breathes new life into its space. The once dim interiors now boast an airy openness, blending original architectural elements with sleek, contemporary finishes. This harmonious union of old and new sets the stage for a modernist revival, masterfully tailored to enrich our clients’ lifestyle.

Ligar Bay Bach: A Modernist Treehouse Retreat

FeaturedLigar Bay Bach: A Modernist Treehouse Retreat

Ligar Bay Bach, a masterful creation by Young Architects, emerges from the verdant New Zealand jungle, a modernist treehouse that redefines the harmony between architecture and nature. Designed in 2022, this treehouse is not just a dwelling but a journey, with each pavilion ingeniously utilizing the steep, history-rich topography to offer breathtaking ocean vistas.

Young Architects were challenged to innovate, resulting in a structure where the raw elegance of concrete, timber, and steel doesn’t just form the building but defines its very essence. Celebrating local materials like low-carbon Golden Bay cement and plantation-grown timber, Ligar Bay Bach stands as an eco-conscious haven, minimizing its environmental footprint while maximizing thermal efficiency through passive cooling and intelligent design.

Laurel II: Modernist Masterpiece Overlooking Beverly Hills

FeaturedLaurel II: Modernist Masterpiece Overlooking Beverly Hills

Embrace the true essence of modernist California living at Laurel II, a spectacular two-story house set in the prestigious Beverly Hills. Designed by the award-winning McClean Design in 2021, this masterpiece of architecture perfectly utilizes its multilevel complex lot, offering panoramic views of the entire Los Angeles basin.

Integrating concrete construction with a modernist style, the property embodies an open-concept design centered around a pool and a lush garden area. What sets Laurel II apart is the skillful way it pulls natural light deep into the floor plan, accentuating the warm palette of travertine, limestone, and oak throughout. The home’s upper level blends harmoniously with the surroundings, while the lower level forms an entertainment haven around a basement courtyard.