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Casas 1922: Sustainable Bioclimatic Design in Spain

Quaint courtyard with reflecting pool, stone walls, and bell tower in the background.

Nordest Arquitectura‘s innovative “Casas 1922” project in Rupià, Spain, showcases a bioclimatic and integrated approach to residential design. This two-house development, designed in 2023, prioritizes the harmonious relationship between interior and exterior spaces, with a central courtyard blurring the boundaries between the two.

Embracing the advantages of industrialized systems, the project reinterprets traditional typologies to create a building that seamlessly integrates with its natural surroundings, where natural materials like compacted earth, adobe, and wood take center stage.

Casa 1945: A Glimpse of Modern Living

Casa 1945: A Glimpse of Modern Living

Dive into the architectural marvel of Casa 1945 by Nordest Arquitectura. Tucked in the old fishing town of Tamariu, Spain, known for its rocky coves and rugged charm, this modern house intertwines elegance with functionality. Overlooking the picturesque Tamariu Cove, this residence effortlessly combines traditional finishes with contemporary design elements, echoing the harmony of its coastal backdrop.

Casa 1615: Where Nordest Arquitectura Meets Begur’s Scenic Beauty

FeaturedCasa 1615: Where Nordest Arquitectura Meets Begur’s Scenic Beauty

Casa 1615, designed by Nordest Arquitectura in 2023, stands majestically on Begur’s hillside overlooking Aiguablava’s idyllic cove in Spain. This two-story, modern concrete residence offers breathtaking Mediterranean views, elegantly combining the ruggedness of wood-formworked concrete with the softness of natural wood shutters.

Meticulously designed spaces, crowned by an infinity pool, seamlessly bridge the indoors with Begur’s picturesque outdoors.

Guest House Pavilion 1401 by Nordest Arquitectura

Guest House Pavilion 1401 by Nordest Arquitectura

Welcome to Guest House Pavilion 1401, a remarkable embodiment of contemporary design nestled in the scenic beauty of Begur, Spain. Designed by the illustrious Nordest Arquitectura in 2016, this guest house serves as an impressive extension of a main residence, blending seamlessly with the surrounding forest while maintaining its distinctive charm.

The Pavilion, with its corten steel U-shaped structure and slat facade, encapsulates a tranquil retreat within, a space for dwelling and contemplation. Its sun-drenched interior, complete with a combined living-bedroom area and a distinct bathroom, unfolds into an unbroken spatial continuum. Get ready to step into this architectural marvel and immerse yourself in a fusion of simplicity, elegance, and functionality.