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Apartment Building in Glyfada: Discover the Unique Apartments and Maisonettes

A modern, open-concept home with minimalist furniture, striking artwork, and a sleek staircase.

This apartment building in Glyfada, Greece, designed by Concept Studio in 2023, showcases an exceptional integration of the structure with its surrounding urban landscape. The six-level development features four independent houses, two maisonettes, and two apartments occupying an entire floor, all optimized for sea and mountain views.

The free-form plan prioritizes the main living areas on the front, benefiting from southern orientation, while bedrooms in the background enjoy cross-ventilation, ensuring energy efficiency up to class A+.

New House in Hudson: A Stunning Residential Project in Canada

A cozy, modern cabin interior with large windows overlooking a snowy forest scene, featuring wood beams, contemporary furnishings, and a warm, inviting atmosphere.

ARCHITEM, a renowned architecture firm, has unveiled their latest masterpiece – the New House in Hudson, Canada. Designed in 2021, this stunning residence blends modern design elements with the natural beauty of its surroundings. Strategically situated in the charming town of Hudson, this house showcases the firm’s expertise in creating functional and visually captivating living spaces that seamlessly integrate with the local landscape. From its clean lines to the thoughtful use of materials, this project is a testament to the team’s dedication to crafting exceptional homes that elevate the art of living.

Three Gables: Designing for Multi-Generational Luxury Living

Modern multi-level home with wooden exterior, expansive windows, and patio area.

Situated within the prestigious confines of a renowned golf resort in Christchurch, New Zealand, the captivating Three Gables residence showcases the exceptional design prowess of South Architects Limited. This privately commissioned house, completed in 2019, seamlessly blends its classical gable structures with thoughtfully crafted indoor-outdoor spaces, catering to the needs of a multi-generational family.

Tetinska: Innovative House Design by SMLXL in Prague

Sleek, modern living room with dark accent walls, built-in shelves, and large windows.

Klára Valová of SMLXL, a renowned architectural practice in Prague, Czech Republic, has unveiled her latest residential masterpiece, the Tetinska House. Designed in 2023, this stunning abode seamlessly blends modern design with the city’s rich architectural heritage. Featuring a clean, minimalist aesthetic and a focus on natural materials, the Tetinska House offers a serene and sophisticated living experience for its inhabitants.

With its strategic location and impeccable attention to detail, this project exemplifies the cutting-edge design sensibilities that have made SMLXL a celebrated name in the industry.

TreeLoft Apartment: Innovative Space Transformation in Lantau Island

Vibrant modern living space with colorful built-in storage and artwork accents.

Situated in the heart of Hong Kong, the TreeLoft Apartment by AGH+ | Architecture by Georges Hung + is a captivating transformation of a 1980s two-bedroom property. Designed in 2023, this modern apartment showcases an open, flexible, and vibrant living experience that seamlessly connects to the lush landscape of Lantau Island.

By removing excess partitions and upgrading the windows, the design team has created a space that celebrates authentic, eco-friendly art tech lifestyle and health-wellbeing living, while also providing easy access to the stunning outdoor greenery.

House L: Luxury Meets Nature in This Stunning Austrian Home

Contemporary living space with sleek furniture and oversized pendant lights.

House L, designed by Superunique Interior Design in Austria in 2022, showcases a luxurious, open-concept house that blurs the lines between interior and exterior. This modern home features a unique blend of high-quality materials, bespoke furniture, and innovative design elements that create an atmosphere of comfort and style, all while offering intimate retreats within its spacious layout.

Andrés Muruais Apartment: A Modern Family Home in Pontevedra

Minimalist living room with white walls, exposed beams, and large windows.

Discover the Andrés Muruais Apartment in Pontevedra, Spain, designed by Nan arquitectos in 2023. This apartment, crafted for a couple, a baby, and two dogs, masterfully combines historical elements with modern design practices to create an open, fluid living space. Featuring a unique “U” shaped floor plan and a harmonious color palette of white and gray, the design promotes spaciousness while maintaining a cohesive aesthetic across all areas.