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Lake Iosco House: Sustainable Design for Family Retreat

A modern, wooden lakefront home with large windows and a serene pool reflection.

Crafted as a second home for a single mother and her young son in Bloomingdale, United States, the Lake Iosco House by architect Robert Luntz is a two-story, single-bar design positioned as close to the lakefront as zoning permits.

This linear composition, oriented north-south, features complementary sunrise and sunset decks, with Lake Iosco views visible from every room. Integrating the natural surroundings through the use of light-diffusing materials, the design creates a seamless connection between the indoor and outdoor spaces.

Lakehouse: A Tudor-Inspired Home Transformed in Ontario

A modern, glass-enclosed home with a wooden roof set in a lush, landscaped garden.

Designed by Shean Architects in 2022, the Lakehouse in Ontario, Canada, is a stunning example of modern architecture seamlessly blending with a heritage-designated Mock Tudor home. This single-family residence, situated on a gentle slope overlooking a tranquil lake, features a subtle grandeur with its restored exterior and a captivating interior transformation that introduces an airy atrium and a central “catwalk” stair.

The project’s design is a harmonious balance of preserving the home’s historic charm while incorporating contemporary elements that enhance the connection between the existing structure and the surrounding landscape.

Villa Schlachtensee: Modernizing a 1890s Berlin Mansion

Bright, minimalist dining room with wooden table, shelves, and a view of the outdoors.

The Villa Schlachtensee, designed by Cama in Berlin, Germany, is a stunning example of modern renovation and remodeling. This 1890 suburban villa has been extensively transformed, blending the charm of its original architecture with a light-filled, contemporary design.

The dilapidated addition was replaced with a modern extension, housing a spacious eat-in kitchen and a master bedroom above. The entire home has been modernized, with the floor plans partially reconfigured and the old roof truss replaced, ensuring quality living space throughout, including in the attic.

First-Hand: Unifying Craft and Spatial Continuum in Mumbai Apartment

A spacious, minimalist living room with warm wood tones, natural textures, and a cozy seating area.

The First-Hand House, a 120 sq.m. apartment in Bandra West, Mumbai, India, showcases the exceptional design work of DOT. This north-south facing apartment was meticulously planned to establish a spatial continuum, allowing natural light to flood every corner. Featuring a two-bay layout with a central passage, the apartment seamlessly connects the living areas facing the sea to the utility and guest spaces. The use of only two carefully-crafted materials creates a sense of openness and seamlessness, while the varying ceiling heights and softened edges provide a calming, sensorial experience.

Peachy: Uncovering Kohlrabi’s Moody Apartment Design in Wrocław

Cozy living room with mid-century furnishings, textured curtains, and potted plant.

Kohlrabi‘s Peachy apartment in Wrocław, Poland, is a stunning convergence of historical charm and modern elegance. Designed in 2024, this project seamlessly blends the architectural heritage of the city’s tenement houses with cutting-edge design solutions, creating a mysterious and captivating atmosphere. Warm, dark hues and strategically placed lighting points enhance the alluring ambiance, while noble materials and bold color combinations add an air of sophistication to this urban oasis.