Peachy: Uncovering Kohlrabi’s Moody Apartment Design in Wrocław

Kohlrabi‘s Peachy apartment in Wrocław, Poland, is a stunning convergence of historical charm and modern elegance. Designed in 2024, this project seamlessly blends the architectural heritage of the city’s tenement houses with cutting-edge design solutions, creating a mysterious and captivating atmosphere. Warm, dark hues and strategically placed lighting points enhance the alluring ambiance, while noble materials and bold color combinations add an air of sophistication to this urban oasis.

Cozy living room with mid-century furnishings, textured curtains, and potted plant.
Cozy living room with neutral tones, modern furniture, and architectural details.
Minimalist kitchen with wooden cabinetry, ceramic tile backsplash, and patterned floor tiles.
Cozy bedroom with warm lighting, Asian-inspired wall panels, and a low platform bed.
Elegant bedroom with modern ceiling fan, wood floors, and large windows providing natural light.
A cozy, warm-toned bedroom with large windows, a desk, and lush indoor plants.
Warm-toned bathroom with vintage-inspired vanity, mirror cabinet, and wall sconce.
Warm-toned bathroom with checkered tile, marble floor, and hand artwork on the wall.
A warm-toned entryway with a wooden bench, patterned rug, and a decorative light fixture.

About Peachy

Stepping into the Peachy apartment, designed by the talented Kohlrabi, is like entering a cozy, atmospheric haven in the bustling city of Wrocław, Poland. This 2024 project perfectly blends the classic architecture of a charming tenement house with modern, refined sensibilities, creating a harmonious and inviting living space.

A Warm Welcome

As we move through the entryway, the rich, warm tones of the wood-paneled door and the intriguing hand motif artwork set the tone for the apartment’s alluring aesthetic. The striking contrasts of textures and hues instantly pique our curiosity, drawing us further inside.

A Cozy Sanctuary

The living room exudes a serene, cocooning atmosphere, with its plush bedding, tactile fabrics, and a striking floor-to-ceiling mural that transports the eye to a lush, tropical paradise. The elegant mid-century-inspired furniture, including a sleek desk and a cozy armchair, create a space that is both visually captivating and deeply relaxing.

A Refined Kitchen Oasis

Stepping into the kitchen, we are greeted by a harmonious blend of warm, natural materials and crisp, modern elements. The rich wood cabinetry and the striking herringbone tile backsplash create a striking contrast, while the stainless steel appliances and the sculptural sink faucet lend a touch of industrial-chic sophistication.

A Luxurious Bathroom Retreat

The bathroom is a true oasis of relaxation, with its striking marble floors and walls that evoke a sense of old-world elegance. The sleek vanity and the sculptural vessel sink add a contemporary edge, while the vintage-inspired lighting fixtures and the hand motif artwork lend a touch of artful character.

A Cozy Bedroom Sanctuary

The bedroom exudes a soothing, cocoon-like ambiance, with its plush bedding and the dramatic, mural-like wall panels that create a sense of enveloping comfort. The warm, earthy tones and the carefully curated accessories, such as the intriguing pendant light and the lush potted plant, contribute to the overall harmonious and inviting atmosphere.

Throughout the Peachy apartment, Kohlrabi has masterfully balanced the timeless charm of the building’s architecture with contemporary design elements, resulting in a living space that is both visually captivating and deeply satisfying to inhabit. The carefully crafted details, the rich material palette, and the seamless integration of modern and classic styles come together to create a truly exceptional and memorable living experience.

Photography courtesy of Kohlrabi
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- by Matt Watts