Lake Iosco House: Sustainable Design for Family Retreat

Crafted as a second home for a single mother and her young son in Bloomingdale, United States, the Lake Iosco House by architect Robert Luntz is a two-story, single-bar design positioned as close to the lakefront as zoning permits.

This linear composition, oriented north-south, features complementary sunrise and sunset decks, with Lake Iosco views visible from every room. Integrating the natural surroundings through the use of light-diffusing materials, the design creates a seamless connection between the indoor and outdoor spaces.

A modern, wooden lakefront home with large windows and a serene pool reflection.
Spacious and modern kitchen with wood cabinetry, fireplace, and cozy lounge area.
Spacious, light-filled kitchen with wooden accents, expansive windows, and a modern ceiling fan.
Bright, airy room with wooden shelving, furniture, and large windows overlooking trees.
Cozy bunk beds with abundant storage and large windows, creating a warm, inviting space.
Spacious bedroom with wood paneling, built-in storage, and neutral color palette.
A bright, spacious bedroom with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking lush greenery and water.
A modern, two-story home with extensive glazing, wooden siding, and a spacious deck.
Sleek, contemporary lakeside home with wooden siding, glass walls, and deck overlooking water.
A modern, wooden-clad structure nestled in a lush, forested setting with a stone retaining wall.

About Lake Iosco House

Nestled in the woods of Bloomingdale, United States, the Lake Iosco House is a captivating second home designed by Robert Luntz in 2010. Crafted as a haven for a single mom and her young son from nearby Manhattan, this two-story abode seamlessly blends with its natural surroundings.

A Harmonious Interplay of Light and Nature

Strategically positioned as close to the lake as zoning permits, the long, linear structure embraces the sunrise and sunset with complementary decks to the east and west. Remarkably, every room offers stunning views of the tranquil waters, fostering a profound connection with the lakeside setting.

Blurring the Lines Between Indoors and Out

The ground floor’s open-concept layout facilitates effortless flow between the indoor living spaces and the expansive outdoor deck. Sliding glass doors on the west side grant the homeowner a clear view of their young son, allowing for constant supervision while enjoying the serene lakeside ambiance.

Innovative Design Elements

Unique design elements, such as the acrylic cylinders that diffuse sunlight during the day and become a backlit constellation at night, infuse the home with a captivating, almost whimsical quality. The polycarbonate carport framing the lake view upon arrival further enhances the project’s distinctive character.

Functionality and Flexibility

The freestanding core volume strategically divides the ground floor, creating a compact playroom to the north and a spacious communal area to the south. Large kitchen islands and a saddlebag storage unit with additional refrigeration and a fireplace seamlessly integrate function and form, catering to the needs of the single-parent household.

Seamless Transition to Private Spaces

Upstairs, the open study at the top of the stairs serves as a transition zone, leading to the private bedrooms beyond. This thoughtful layout ensures a harmonious balance between shared and personal spaces, fostering a sense of retreat and relaxation.

Overall, the Lake Iosco House is a captivating fusion of modern design, energy-efficient features, and a deep respect for the surrounding natural landscape. This tranquil sanctuary offers the perfect escape from the bustling city, providing a haven for the homeowners to reconnect with nature and each other.

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- by Matt Watts