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Old House Reconstruction: Revitalizing Czech Republic’s Heritage

FeaturedCozy living room with vaulted ceiling, large windows, and a modern fireplace.

Miramari Design Prague, a renowned architecture firm, recently unveiled their latest masterpiece, the Old House Reconstruction project in the heart of the Czech Republic. This captivating residential transformation blends traditional charm with modern sophistication, offering a unique living experience for discerning homeowners.

Featuring a harmonious fusion of timeless architectural elements and contemporary design, this project showcases the firm’s commitment to preserving the essence of the past while seamlessly integrating cutting-edge solutions for the present.

Dajo House: A Closer Look at Sandro Uzila’s Renowned Croatian Villa

Sleek modern home with pool, landscaping, and large glass windows showcasing the exterior.

Sandro Uzila, a renowned Croatian architect, has unveiled his latest masterpiece – the captivating Dajo House in Poreč, Croatia. This modern house, designed in 2024, showcases Uzila’s expertise in blending exceptional design with the region’s stunning natural landscapes. With its clean lines, strategic use of natural materials, and seamless integration with the surrounding environment, the Dajo House exemplifies the pinnacle of contemporary residential architecture.

George Orwell Apartment: Historic Penthouse Redesign in Barcelona

Modern, minimalist living room with wooden beams, white walls, gray sofa, and abstract wall art.

The George Orwell Apartment in Barcelona, Spain, designed by CULTO Interior Design in 2022, showcases a harmonious blend of historic architectural features and contemporary elegance. This 125 sqm penthouse apartment, part of a 1769 building’s extensive renovation, boasts a natural color palette and clean, curated lines that create a timeless oasis in the heart of the city. Thoughtfully designed elements, such as glass-panel walls and slimline wardrobes, maximize natural light and unobstructed views, while the 125 sqm terrace offers a private outdoor living and entertaining space.

Casa Borgo Ventidue: Discovering Motovun’s Historic Charm

Cozy, rustic-style apartment with exposed wooden beams, modern furniture, and a fireplace.

Nestled in the historic town of Motovun, Croatia, the captivating Casa Borgo Ventidue showcases a harmonious blend of modern and traditional design. Designed by acclaimed architect Sandro Uzila, this 300-year-old stone house has undergone a meticulous renovation, incorporating local materials with a subtle touch of concrete and steel. Boasting a breathtaking view of the Istrian landscape, this unique residential property offers a seamless integration of the region’s rich heritage and contemporary architectural excellence.

Casa Primeriza: Wood-Clad Interiors with Ocean Views

Modern cantilevered house on a hillside covered with shrubs.

Nestled in Antofagasta, Chile, Casa Primeriza is a remarkable house designed by Stanaćev-Granados in 2021. This unique property, situated on a sloped terrain with breathtaking Pacific Ocean views, epitomizes seamless indoor-outdoor living.

With a focus on creating diverse living spaces that blend harmoniously with the natural surroundings, this house showcases a perfect balance between modern design and organic elements, offering a sanctuary that celebrates both family life and the beauty of its setting.