Casa Borgo Ventidue: Discovering Motovun’s Historic Charm

Nestled in the historic town of Motovun, Croatia, the captivating Casa Borgo Ventidue showcases a harmonious blend of modern and traditional design. Designed by acclaimed architect Sandro Uzila, this 300-year-old stone house has undergone a meticulous renovation, incorporating local materials with a subtle touch of concrete and steel. Boasting a breathtaking view of the Istrian landscape, this unique residential property offers a seamless integration of the region’s rich heritage and contemporary architectural excellence.

Cozy, rustic-style apartment with exposed wooden beams, modern furniture, and a fireplace.
Open-concept living area with exposed wooden beams, modern furniture, and a large window.
A cozy kitchen with rustic wood beams, modern lighting, and minimalist furnishings.
Warm, cozy bedroom with exposed stone walls, wood accents, and a fireplace.
Cozy bedroom with wooden beams, plush bedding, and a mix of modern and rustic decor.
Minimalist bedroom with neutral tones, modern artwork, and warm hardwood flooring.
Spacious bedroom with large windows, neutral color scheme, and modern interior design.
A modern, well-appointed home bar and game room with a pool table, wine racks, and industrial lighting.
A modern rustic patio with stone walls, wooden beams, and a cozy outdoor seating area.
A stone-walled room with a window overlooking a swimming pool and scenic landscape.
Rustic outdoor terrace with cozy seating area and breathtaking countryside views.
Charming Mediterranean-style villa with colorful shutters and inviting balcony.

About Casa Borgo Ventidue

Timeless Elegance in the Heart of Motovun

Nestled atop a picturesque hill in the historic town of Motovun, Croatia, Casa Borgo Ventidue stands as a testament to the harmonious fusion of old and new. This 300-year-old stone house, designed by architect Sandro Uzila in 2024, has undergone a remarkable transformation, blending traditional Istrian architecture with contemporary sensibilities.

As you approach the exterior, the home’s warm, terracotta-hued façade and verdant surroundings immediately captivate the senses. Intimate seating areas on the balcony and terrace invite you to savor the breathtaking views of the rolling Istrian landscape, a serene backdrop to the home’s thoughtful design.

A Harmonious Interior Oasis

Stepping inside, the living room exudes a refined elegance, with its neutral color palette and artfully curated furnishings. The exposed wooden beams and stone walls create a harmonious contrast, seamlessly blending the old and new. A cozy fireplace anchors the space, inviting guests to unwind and soak in the home’s tranquil ambiance.

The adjacent kitchen and dining area showcase a perfect balance of functionality and style. Sleek, minimalist cabinetry in warm wood tones complements the rustic exposed beams overhead, while a large central island provides ample space for both meal preparation and casual gatherings. The dining table, surrounded by comfortable chairs, offers an ideal setting for cherished meals and conversation.

Serene Sanctuary in the Bedroom

Ascending to the second level, the master bedroom radiates a soothing, spa-like ambiance. Soft, neutral tones and natural textures create a calming retreat, while the floor-to-ceiling windows bathe the space in natural light and offer breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside.

The en-suite bathroom continues the theme of understated elegance, with its sleek fixtures, stone accents, and thoughtful lighting design. This private oasis is a true haven of relaxation, seamlessly blending form and function.

Outdoor Oasis with a View

Beyond the home’s interior, the outdoor spaces at Casa Borgo Ventidue truly shine. The expansive balcony and terrace areas provide ample opportunities for alfresco dining, lounging, and soaking in the breathtaking panoramic views. The integration of natural elements, such as the stone walls and wooden furnishings, creates a seamless transition between the indoor and outdoor living spaces.

With its timeless design, meticulous attention to detail, and breathtaking setting, Casa Borgo Ventidue stands as a remarkable example of how contemporary architecture can respectfully honor the rich heritage of its surroundings. This captivating home in Motovun offers a truly unique and unforgettable experience for discerning design enthusiasts.

Photography by @koridor27
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- by Matt Watts