Writer’s Shed by Matt Gibson Architecture + Design

Writer’s Shed project is a tiny retreat designed for a writer by Matt Gibson Architecture + Design, located in Melbourne, Australia.

Verdant ivy-clad exterior with a cozy, wooden interior office no
Modern home office with wooden walls, bookshelf, and a view of trees.
Modern home office with skylight, LED strips, and garden view.
Wood-paneled room with bookshelves, a window, and garden tools.
Eco-friendly office nook with ivy-covered walls and warm wooden interior.
Contemporary doorway flanked by lush green ivy walls and a cactus.
Contemporary garden shed with ivy exterior and a person inside working at a desk

About Writer’s Shed

An Oasis of Creativity: Writer’s Shed

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Melbourne, Australia, the ‘Writer’s Shed’ emerges as a modern-day hermitage. Conceived by Matt Gibson Architecture + Design, this novel cottage-like shed redefines the residential landscape. Unveiled in a lush garden, its ivy-clad facade intrigues and invites, promising a blend of privacy and panache.

A Living Tapestry: The Exterior

The exterior of the Writer’s Shed is a living tapestry. Verdant ivy swathes the structure, a testament to both beauty and sustainability. As sunlight dapples through the leaves, the shed’s wooden complexion glows, harmonizing with its green cloak. The juxtaposition of a vivid cactus against the wooden backdrop epitomizes the designer’s modern sensibilities.

Inside the Writer’s Sanctuary

Step inside, and the narrative unfolds room by room. The interior is a testament to minimalist design, where every element serves a purpose. Natural light floods the space through a cleverly positioned skylight, spotlighting the wooden surfaces. Books line the shelves, while carefully selected decor items add a personal touch. The workspace, positioned by a generous window, provides a serene spot for contemplation and creativity.

Transitioning further into the Writer’s Shed, the unity of form and function is evident. The space feels both open and intimate, a design feat that speaks to the expertise of Matt Gibson Architecture + Design. Crafted in 2023, this modern, wooden marvel stands as a testament to innovative Australian design. The Writer’s Shed isn’t just a building; it’s a narrative in itself, one of solitude and imagination, where every corner tells a story.

Photography by Shannon McGrath

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- by Matt Watts