House in Moscow by Ruetemple Studio

House in Moscow designed in 2018 by Ruetemple Studio, is a modern single-family home located in Russia.

Bright, airy interior with high ceilings, wooden accents, and skylights.
Modern two-level room interior with wooden furniture and large windows.
Minimalist interior with high ceiling, hanging lights, and wooden furnishings.
Bright, minimalist interior with wooden fixtures and large windows.
Minimalist attic bedroom with wooden furniture and skylights.
Modern minimalist interior with white walls, black sofa, round table and pendant lights.
Minimalistic living room with monochrome palette and clean lines.

About House in Moscow

Modern Living: House in Moscow

Nestled in the verdant outskirts of Moscow, the House in Moscow emerges as a pinnacle of modern design. Conceived by Ruetemple Studio in 2018, this home redefines contemporary living spaces.

Architectural Elegance: The Exterior

The house greets onlookers with a pristine white facade, punctuated by traditional windows and a quaint balcony, promising a blend of classic charm and modernity. Its steeply pitched roof and angular lines hint at the innovative design nestled within.

Inside House in Moscow

Stepping inside, the interior unfolds in a symphony of light and wood. The first room, a spacious bedroom, boasts a raised platform bed, creating a dynamic multi-level effect. Sunlight spills through skylights, animating the sleek, minimalist furniture and the warm wooden tones.

Transitioning to the communal areas, the living room exemplifies openness with its towering ceilings. The eye is drawn to the black, wood-burning stove— a stark contrast to the airy, light-filled room. Here, comfort converges with style, where every piece of furniture serves both function and form.

Adjacent, a cozy reading nook with floor-to-ceiling shelves showcases an extensive collection, reflecting the residents’ intellectual taste. The simple yet stylish monochromatic palette radiates serenity, inviting one to linger.

The narrative of light continues upstairs, where a glass balustrade offers an unobstructed view of the living spaces below. The upper level is a testament to the studio’s mastery of integrating openness with privacy.

House in Moscow stands as a testament to Ruetemple Studio’s vision. It’s a space where modern design meets comfort, creating a living experience that’s as luxurious as it is intimate.

Photography courtesy of Ruetemple Studio

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- by Matt Watts