Gothic Cottage by Daniel Contelmo Architects

Gothic Cottage is a traditional retreat located in Union Vale, New York, designed in 2016 by Daniel Contelmo Architects.

A cozy and rustic living room with stone fireplace, wooden beams, and holiday decor.
A cozy living room with a grand stone fireplace, wood-beamed ceiling, and spherical chandelier.
Spacious living room with vaulted ceiling, stone fireplace, plush seating, and Christmas tree.
Spacious living room with high ceilings, large windows, and a modern spherical chandelier.
Rustic stone fireplace with log mantel, beamed ceiling, and decorated Christmas tree.
Spacious open-concept living room with high ceilings, large windows, and a statement chandelier.
A spacious, open-concept living and dining area with cathedral ceilings, large windows, and a stone fireplace.
Rustic wooden beams, stone fireplace, and modern farmhouse-style chandeliers.
Bright, airy kitchen with wooden beams, marble countertops, and elegant chandeliers.
Bright, airy sunroom with high pitched ceiling, large windows, and plush seating.
Wooden bunk beds with colorful bedding, shelves, and a wooden ceiling in a cozy bedroom.
A cozy bedroom with a rustic wood-paneled ceiling, ornate light fixture, and colorful dot-patterned bedding.
Cozy rustic bedroom with wooden paneled ceiling, white bed frame, and large windows.
Spacious bathroom with marble-tiled floor, freestanding tub, and vaulted ceiling.
A spacious two-story farmhouse with a stone foundation, large windows, and a wrap-around porch.
Charming country-style home with stone facade, gabled roofs, and large windows.

About Gothic Cottage

A Fresh Take on Home Design

Daniel Contelmo Architects received a clear brief from the homeowners: they yearned for a standout home. Daniel Contelmo, exploring various designs, quickly realized that a modern approach didn’t fit the bill. Drawing inspiration from the local estate gatehouses, often quaint stone cottages, he opted for a gothic cottage design. This choice married two distinct styles into a cohesive, organic, and playful home that echoed the clients’ desires precisely.

Exterior Elegance with a Gothic Twist

The home’s exterior features strikingly steep roofs and clover-shaped windows, paying homage to the carpenter gothic style prevalent in the area. The metal roof mirrors the sky, adding a light, airy feel that contrasts beautifully with the stone base of the entrance. Graceful arches soften the overall roofline, while a gracefully curving fence extends the front elevation, enhancing the home’s presence.

Landscape-Inspired Design

The design heavily draws on the surrounding landscape. Daniel Contelmo strategically positioned the house to make the most of the pastoral views. On one side, large windows frame a meadow, and at the back, nearly all-glass walls offer panoramic views of a pond, ensuring nature is always a glance away.

Interior: A Nod to Hollyhock

Inside, the homeowners aimed to replicate the ambiance of Hollyhock, a favorite California home. Acknowledging this, Contelmo selected wood paneling for most interior walls, later whitewashed for a brighter, airier feel. The main floor unfolds as an open, relaxed space, combining dining and leisure in one great room, fostering a communal atmosphere.

A Harmonious Blend of Home and Nature

The completed home stands as a testament to open, airy living, integrating seamlessly with its bucolic backdrop. Its pronounced rooflines create a striking silhouette against the sky, while the light metal roof and earth-toned siding blend effortlessly into the landscape. Inside, the spaces, though modest in size, perfectly meet the homeowners’ needs, encapsulating the ideal cottage lifestyle.

Photography courtesy of Daniel Contelmo Architects

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- by Matt Watts