House in Houston by StudioMET Architects

House in Houston is an inspiring single family residence located in Houston, Texas, designed in 2017 by StudioMET Architects.

A modern, multi-level home with clean lines, large windows, and a landscaped yard.
Modern two-story home with large windows, brick facade, and lush landscaping.
Bright, modern open-plan living space with wood paneling and a striking yellow door.
Spacious, modern living area with large windows, wood cabinetry, and minimalist furnishings.
Modern kitchen with wooden cabinets, island countertop, and pendant lighting fixtures.
Sleek modern kitchen with wooden cabinets, white countertops, and pendant lighting.
Open-concept living room with modern brick walls, shelving, and furniture.
Spacious modern living room with gray couch, wooden shelves, and brick walls.
A striking modern staircase with a combination of wood and metal elements, leading to an upper level.
Minimalist bedroom with striped accent wall, sleek furniture, and pops of color.
Luxurious bathroom with sleek wooden vanity, freestanding tub, and modern tile design.
Covered outdoor living space with wood-paneled ceiling, brick walls, and modern furnishings.
Midcentury-inspired home with expansive windows, tiered roofline, and brick facade.

About House in Houston

Welcome to House in Houston, a contemporary creation by StudioMET Architects. Situated in the vibrant city of Houston, Texas, this house represents the pinnacle of modern living, designed in 2017.

Modern Marvel in Houston

The House in Houston stands proud with its clean lines and expansive windows. StudioMET Architects’ vision comes alive in the structural simplicity and thoughtful integration with the surrounding greenery. A path leads to the warmly inviting yellow door, hinting at the modern aesthetic inside.

A Seamless Indoor Experience

Stepping inside, the living room greets you with an open, airy vibe. Large windows allow natural light to cascade across sleek furniture and hardwood floors. The space flows into the dining area, where a long table awaits family gatherings, flanked by unique art pieces that capture attention without overwhelming the senses.

Transitioning into the kitchen, functionality meets form. An island sits at the heart, surrounded by top-notch appliances and walnut cabinetry. It’s a room that invites both culinary exploration and casual conversation. Nearby, a cozy breakfast nook offers views of the lush outdoors, providing a perfect spot for morning coffee.

The private spaces maintain the house’s clean aesthetic. Bedrooms combine comfort and style, with striking wall textures and artworks adding character. Each room, including the bathrooms, features modern fixtures and fittings, emphasizing practical luxury.

A Study in Contemporary Design

The study room doubles as a creative enclave. Shelves brim with books, while the playful oversized clock injects a dash of whimsy. Here, work and leisure find a harmonious balance, encouraging productivity in a relaxed environment.

Finally, the outdoor living spaces echo the home’s interior sophistication. Clean patio lines offer a tranquil retreat, while the landscaping complements the home’s geometric precision, completing StudioMET Architects’ vision of contemporary elegance in House in Houston.

Photography courtesy of StudioMET Architects

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- by Matt Watts