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Neonate House is a contemporary apartment located in Mumbai, India, designed in 2022 by Intento Architects.

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The Neonate House in Mumbai brings alive the beauty of minimalism through a neutral palette paired with soothing hues. The design idea is to create a flow of muted architectural elements combined with the softer tones of pink and blue. Every element in the house, seemingly disparate, ties to the larger theme of minimalism, including materials and furnishings.

Spread across a generous 1200 sqft square feet, the home is located in a residential apartment of Navi Mumbai. The home welcomes us through a foyer featuring artful displays. The modish console makes a statement at the entrance with the marble top and brass accents making it look eccentric and elegant.

Moving further, one reaches the heart of the home—the living room. Here, a fluted dado runs along the walls—a design element that follows the eye right from the moment one enters the home. The walls are layered in wooden panels while the floor is rendered in a muted grey. Flourishes of greens make regular appearances and the neutral upholstery lends a soothing vibe to the space. Cushions in powder blues and pinks bring in some excitement. The two-tone terrazzo floor, oak wood tones, and pristine white walls take the minimalist aesthetic a step further. An expansive french window swathes this space with natural light resulting in a lively, joyous home with an enviable personality. The living room extends to a small balcony, that holds a pleasant view of the serene surroundings.

The dining that flows from the living area, is designed with minimal furnishings, for low-key gatherings and private affairs. Colourful artwork, striped upholstery and a marble dining table help in bringing an inviting aesthetic, while the wooden cupboard and contrasting black cabinet with optimal storage satisfy the functional needs. The cosy corner carved out from the dining is a workstation- a mandatory demand in every design during the pandemic, which fulfils the need to work and study from home.

The Neonate house holds a small pooja enclave with the carved idol of Krishna in gleaming golden accents. The intricate jali work and the bright ambient lights lend a divine aura to the space, following a distinct design language from the rest of the house. Otherwise, the home follows a lean, rhythmic vibe with recurring material and design details along with an analogous colour scheme.

The primary bedroom was crafted as a private sanctuary for the young couple, who is about to give birth to a baby. They wanted nothing more than a cosy space where they could comfortably hit the snooze button. One side of the wall is engulfed in a pinkish floral wallpaper while the other half is doused in shades of beige, which also acts as a headboard. A copious wardrobe running along an entire wall offers this room functional storage and a stylish edge.

The other bedroom was curated to be a retro-style personal haven with a distinct design scheme that differs from the remanent household. It’s all about wooden textures and accents in the bedroom. The wardrobe is finished with woven cane backed by a wooden backdrop, whereas the walls and ceiling have been painted white. However, the shimmery textures on the wall beside the bed, give relief from the neutral monotones. Unlike the detailed vintage design theme that is displayed in this bedroom, the guest bedroom hosts a rather simple and stylish aesthetic with a symmetric design and monochrome colour palette.

The bedroom leads to a rejuvenating dressing room where one can even sit and contemplate for a while, with the views of the cityscape. The wooden dressing table with a sleek top exudes a unique design aesthetic in the neutral backdrop. The circular mirror captures the attention as it contrasts the rigid geometries that dress up the expanse. The classic seater beside the dressing table allows you to relax while sipping a beverage and soaking in the beauty of the surrounding greenery.

Designing a home for a close-knit family will result in an eclectic mix of themes, but the Neonate house satisfies the unique requirements of different family members staying at the larger idea of neutrality and minimalism. The end result- a 3BHK which is a picture of unrehearsed elegance.

Photography courtesy of Intento Architects

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- by Matt Watts