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SBT Boutique Hotel: A Marche Gem by Plus Ultra Studio

Modern living room with archways, beige sofa, and wooden ceiling beams.

Embrace the fusion of heritage and contemporary elegance at SBT, a stunning 18th-century country mansion reimagined by Plus Ultra Studio into a luxurious boutique hotel in Marche, Italy.

Retaining its original pathways and transforming its entrance portico into a winter garden, SBT harmoniously integrates modern design with its pastoral roots. Each suite uniquely designed, SBT offers a serene retreat, balancing contemporary flair with the warmth of a country estate. The hotel’s heart, a grand central salon, preserves its convivial spirit, inviting guests to share and connect.

Discover this exquisite blend of tradition and innovation, where country charm meets refined sophistication.

LBZO Apartment: Milanese Style Reimagined

LBZO Apartment: Milanese Style Reimagined

In the heart of Milan, steps away from the historic S. Ambrogio area, LBZO by Plus Ultra Studio emerges as a modern marvel within the city’s storied rooftops.

This latest extension project, a testament to ingenious design, caters to a young family’s life enveloped in design classics. The apartment’s transformation in 2023 respects its 1950s roots while boldly introducing modern geometric and graphic accents, creating a seamless blend of historic soul and contemporary flair.