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Golden Oak Residence: A Hilltop Haven by William Duff Architects

FeaturedGolden Oak Residence: A Hilltop Haven by William Duff Architects

Discover the Golden Oak Residence – a gem in Portola Valley, California. This exquisite, single-story home is a masterpiece by William Duff Architects. Unveiled in 2013, it fuses functionality with unrivaled spaciousness. Strategically perched on a hilltop, it optimizes the idyllic site with a butterfly roof. This design genius illuminates the main gathering spaces with a flood of natural light, ventilation, and panoramic views. A clever shift in geometry delineates public and private zones, creating a serene retreat. The judicious choice and arrangement of materials add warmth and balance, echoing the site’s beauty.

Rau Haus: A Modern Family Haven in Portola Valley

Rau Haus: A Modern Family Haven in Portola Valley

Immerse yourself in the serenity of Portola Valley, California, with a virtual tour of the Rau Haus – a stunning two-story modern house that integrates the best of design and nature. Feldman Architecture has brought to life a family’s vision of escaping city life and moving to a more spacious, secluded dwelling. This meticulously crafted house, tucked gently into the eastern hillside, provides sweeping views over Silicon Valley, and even a distant glimpse of the illustrious San Francisco Bay.

Delight in the home’s thoughtfully designed public and private spaces, featuring a 3,433 square foot (approx. 319 square meters) layout that respects the surrounding landscape and prioritizes your privacy. Be captivated by the natural beauty of the surrounding rolling green hills as it is elegantly framed by the indoor living spaces. All while enjoying an accessible view deck that captures the majestic Bay views without compromising privacy.

Constructed in 2020, the Rau Haus showcases a design aesthetic of understated, modern, and clean materiality in harmony with its lush surroundings. Welcome to your future haven – the epitome of architectural beauty and tranquility.

Portola Valley Residence by SB Architects

FeaturedPortola Valley Residence by SB Architects

Dive into the serene embrace of the “Portola Valley Residence“, a contemporary masterpiece nestled in the heart of Portola Valley, California. Designed by SB Architects, this stunning home is a testament to luxurious comfort, flexible living, and harmonious connection with the natural surroundings.

Known for its breathtaking views, Portola Valley provides an idyllic backdrop for this unique 10,000-square-foot property. Boasting a design that blurs the line between indoor and outdoor spaces, this contemporary house captures the essence of California living.

Be ready to embark on a journey of architectural discovery, from tranquil water features to lush landscapes, with every turn unveiling a new layer of its charm.