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Wildflower House: Integrating Modern Design with Nature

Sleek single-story house with large windows nestled among tall pine trees at dusk

Step into Wildflower, a bespoke house designed by Prentiss + Balance + Wickline Architects in 2023, nestled in the serene landscape of Winthrop, WA, USA. This real estate marvel, a blend of modern design and environmental stewardship, showcases a family home perfectly integrated with the Methow Valley’s native flora and fauna. Utilizing fire-resistive materials and a layout that respects the natural terrain, Wildflower sets a benchmark for sustainable living while offering a warm, inviting space for a family of four.

Copper Harbor: A Modern Lakeside Retreat in Michigan

FeaturedCopper Harbor: A Modern Lakeside Retreat in Michigan

Overlooking Lake Superior in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, the Copper Harbor house stands resilient against nature’s toughest challenges. Crafted by Prentiss + Balance + Wickline Architects in 2022, this modern retreat marries form and function.

Beyond shielding from snow and wind, it offers mesmerizing views, whether it’s a winter storm, the shimmering Northern Lights, or the expansive lake. Every design choice, from cantilevered decks to the metal-and-glass contrast, accentuates the beauty of its surroundings.

Wake Robin: Harmony of Mid-Century Design and Natural Beauty

FeaturedWake Robin: Harmony of Mid-Century Design and Natural Beauty

Uncover the allure of Wake Robin, a spectacular single-story house designed by renowned Prentiss + Balance + Wickline Architects. Nestled on Bainbridge Island, Washington – a haven known for its stunning natural beauty – this property is a shining example of mid-century architecture tailored to meet contemporary needs. The house’s unique design harmoniously integrates the structure with its verdant surroundings, creating a tranquil living space suffused with natural light.

Brought to life in 2021, Wake Robin’s design is elegantly woven with landscape-focused details, iconic patterns, and a distinct play of transparency and opacity, offering a dynamic and immersive living experience. Welcome to a tour of this gem.