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Casa Isola: Punto Zero’s Multifunctional Apartment Design

Modern open-concept apartment with wood accents, sleek kitchen island, and dining area.

Blending modern materials and a thoughtful spatial arrangement, Casa Isola by Punto Zero in Messina, Italy, showcases a captivating apartment design. The central island, clad in solid oak slats, serves as a multifunctional element, separating the private and communal zones. Transformative features, such as sliding panels and an adaptable home office, highlight the project’s flexible and responsive design approach.

Casa Volver: A Modern Retreat in Rome’s Historic Heart

Modern living room with exposed beams, tiled floors, and stylish furniture.

Casa Volver, crafted by Punto Zero, reimagines a 17th-century apartment in Rome’s historic Monti district into a modern sanctuary. This architectural masterpiece beautifully blends vibrant public areas with peaceful private retreats, showcasing innovative design elements alongside a deep respect for its historical roots. Through the use of thoughtful color schemes and a nod to architectural details, Casa Volver stands as a unique fusion of Rome’s rich heritage with contemporary design aesthetics.

[MNT] Casa Ermete: Rome’s Light-Filled Apartment Transformation

[MNT] Casa Ermete: Rome’s Light-Filled Apartment Transformation

In Rome’s historic Colle Oppio neighborhood, Punto Zero breathes new life into a 115 m2 (1,238 ft2) apartment. Amidst 20th-century details, this renovated space channels the vibrancy of the Eternal City while championing eclectic design. A celebration of light and space, the [MNT] Casa Ermete offers an innovative blend of tradition and contemporary aesthetics.