Casa Isola: Punto Zero’s Multifunctional Apartment Design

Blending modern materials and a thoughtful spatial arrangement, Casa Isola by Punto Zero in Messina, Italy, showcases a captivating apartment design. The central island, clad in solid oak slats, serves as a multifunctional element, separating the private and communal zones. Transformative features, such as sliding panels and an adaptable home office, highlight the project’s flexible and responsive design approach.

Minimalist living room with clean lines, plush green sofa, and mid-century wooden furniture.
Bright, modern living space with abstract artwork, plush orange chairs, and wooden floors.
A modern, minimalist room with wooden paneled walls, a desk nook, and a chair.
Minimalist modern interior with wooden paneled wall, kitchen island, and chair.
Modern open-concept apartment with wood accents, sleek kitchen island, and dining area.
A minimalist dining area with a round wooden table and Eames-style chairs on a wooden floor.
Sleek modern kitchen with curved wood accent wall and hardwood flooring.
Cylindrical wooden wall panels with vertical striations in a minimalist room.
A modern bathroom design with wood paneled walls, a round mirror, and a white vessel sink.
A cozy balcony with a woven chair, potted plants, and a scenic view of the cityscape beyond the glass door.
Minimalist bedroom with vibrant green walls, hanging light fixture, and landscape painting.
Minimalist vanity with a natural stone sink and recessed lighting in a neutral-toned bathroom.

About Casa Isola

Punto Zero, a renowned design studio, has masterfully created Casa Isola, an apartment project that seamlessly blends form and function. Situated in Messina, Italy, this 2023 development showcases a transformative approach to modern living.

The Centralized Island: A Multifunctional Anchor

At the heart of Casa Isola lies a captivating central island. This substantial, oak-clad capsule serves as a physical and visual divider, separating the private sleeping and bathroom areas from the communal living spaces. Remarkably, the island houses a concealed guest bathroom and a versatile home office, which can be accessed through clever, book-like panels.

Harmonizing Architectural Dynamics

The project’s architects have skillfully navigated the building’s angular forms, recesses, and protrusions, creating a harmonious dialogue. The island’s curved and gentle profile softens the overall aesthetic, complementing the structure’s angular elements, such as the beams, pillars, and lowered slabs.

Transformative Versatility

Transformation is a key theme in Casa Isola. The central island can be completely closed, emphasizing its architectural presence, or it can be opened up to modify the perception of space. When unfolded, the island becomes a panel that separates the kitchen from the night corridor, seamlessly adapting to the inhabitants’ needs.

Flexible Kitchen and Dining Zone

The kitchen space is designed to be easily transformed. Large sliding panels, contained within a light gray lacquered wood plating with vibrant blue undertones, delineate the kitchen and dining areas, allowing for seamless adjustments.

Material Palette: A Harmonious Blend

The material selection at Casa Isola strikes a delicate balance. The warm natural oak parquet flooring complements the solid oak cladding of the central island, while the neutral gray lacquers, with a hint of blue, provide a visually striking contrast. In the bathrooms, resin surfaces and grit flooring create a tactile and durable finish, while the bedrooms feature vibrant color fields and clear-cut zoning.

Overall, Casa Isola is a captivating project that showcases Punto Zero’s innovative design approach. By seamlessly integrating transformative elements, harmonizing architectural dynamics, and curating a refined material palette, this apartment development in Messina, Italy, offers a unique and immersive living experience.

Photography by Eller studio
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- by Matt Watts