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M2 Country House: Discover Israel’s Unique Family Retreat

FeaturedSpacious, minimalist living room with wooden and glass elements, built-in shelves.

Discover the M2 Country House in Israel, designed by Raz Melamed for seamless living and hosting. This modern home, perfect for a couple and their visiting family, blends sophisticated design with functionality, featuring a central patio for year-round entertainment, accessible spaces, and a stunning outdoor kitchen and pool, all while prioritizing natural light and the integration of nature with luxurious living.

Z3’s Three-Generation Design: Bridging Family Bonds in Modern Style

FeaturedZ3’s Three-Generation Design: Bridging Family Bonds in Modern Style

Situated near a lush Avocado plantation in Israel, the Z3 stands as an architectural marvel by Raz Melamed of Melamed Architect. Crafted in 2023, this modern concrete house offers a haven for three generations, blending interconnectedness and privacy with finesse.

With vistas reminiscent of postcard beauty, this property is a testament to nature’s splendor intertwined with sophisticated design.