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The House of Strangers: Vintage-Inspired Family Retreat

Rustic-chic living space with exposed beams and a sleek staircase.

Experience a unique vacation home renovation at The House of Strangers, located in Rosà, Italy. Designed by Dario Scanavacca, this charming property boasts vintage-inspired interiors with pastel walls and wooden floors, offering a perfect blend of rustic charm and modern comfort.

Built for a family residing abroad, this three-level house features a cozy entertainment area on the ground floor, a spacious living area on the first floor, and a relaxing sleeping area on the top floor. Explore the seamless integration of vintage furniture, pastel wallpapers, and exposed wooden ceilings that reflect the owners’ style preferences.

Interior DR by Didonè Comacchio Architects

Interior DR by Didonè Comacchio Architects

Interior design project for a rural house in the Venetian countryside (Italy), built in the ealy 1900s and restored in the early 2000s. The project Interior DR, designed for the fuctional needs and aestheric tastes of the client, enhances the recycled materials used in the restoration, as the oak beams and the original structural walls in stone and brick, with the use of simple and elegant materials and shades, applied to pure geometric shapes.