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Rotterdam Loft: Spacious & Airy Apartment Design

A cozy modern living room with large windows overlooking lush greenery and an open kitchen area.

Rotterdam Loft, a stunning apartment design by Kumiki Architecture, exemplifies a harmonious blend of rigorous yet thoughtful interventions. Located in the vibrant city of Rotterdam, Netherlands, this project showcases a dynamic interplay of open, light-filled spaces that cater seamlessly to the clients’ family lifestyle. Preserving the original elements of the urban dwelling, the design seamlessly incorporates contemporary materials and forms, creating a captivating balance between the old and the new.

Keilepand: The Industrial Hub at the Heart of Rotterdam’s Sustainable Future

Keilepand: The Industrial Hub at the Heart of Rotterdam’s Sustainable Future

The transformation of the Keilepand, a remarkable industrial hub in the heart of Rotterdam’s Makers District, is a testament to the power of sustainable design and innovative entrepreneurship. Spearheaded by the renowned design firm, GROUP A, in collaboration with studioADAMS, this former pre-war fruit and vegetable shed has been reimagined as a vibrant space for like-minded innovators committed to shaping a sustainable future.

Situated in the Merwe-Vierhavens (M4H) area, the Keilepand is a beacon of the municipality’s vision for a lively, creative, and innovative living and working environment. The building’s transformation is not just a physical one; it’s a symbol of resilience, community, and sustainable urban development.