Bridgevest HQ by Studio Tomorrow

Designed by Studio Tomorrow, this beautiful office space is situated in the centre of Rotterdam, Netherlands.

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Description by Studio Tomorrow

FinTech company Bridgevest decided to relocate and move their office to the Veerhaven; one of the few locations in the centre of Rotterdam where the character of the former historic city is still alive. With the renovation of this monumental building dated from 1890, Bridgevest made a new start.

Interior design

The new interior is build around the many authentic highlights of the building itself that ones has served as a bank and private home of the bank owner and its family. The safe for example is still visible in the cellar.

We wanted the building to speak up, therefore we created a light, colorful and distinct interior. Our design respects the authentic character of the building, but also fosters a dialogue between the history and future of the building. As so to speak the old fundaments are carrying the modern identity of the building and its new owner. And on the other side, the original details are embraced by fresh materials to create another point of view. This is where the city of Rotterdam stands for nowadays and where Bridgevest takes part of.

Custom made wall carpet

In addition to the interior design we got the chance to design a 100 square meter custom made wall carpet, to improve the acoustic values in the office and create a warm and modern atmosphere. This was a change to underline the identity of the company in an artistic and conceptual way. The strenght of Bridgevest, being a FinTech company, is to combine abstract data and translate and communicate this data in an understandable way to their clients.

Therefore we designed a carpet that consists out of several individual shapes, based on hand-cut paper forms. When walking to the second and third floor, the shapes slowly enlarge, merge together and their structures starting to overlay. And this is the most interesting part: new patterns come to life when textures meet and start merging.The feeling of depth is created and huge hand-cut geometrical shapes appear to be floating through the rooms

The carpet is designed in only black and white woolen yarns, using over 22 different bindings to create the image. By pushing the limits of the technical possibilities of the weaving machine, we created a carpet with a refined identity that adds texure and warmth to the working spaces.

Photography by Studio Moost

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- by Matt Watts