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Tesche House: Galeria 733’s Sustainable Country House Design

Modern, single-story home with orange exterior surrounded by lush, verdant foliage.

Located in the Gravataí district of Brazil, the Tesche House is a stunning residential project designed by the talented team at Galeria 733. Completed in 2024, this modern house was built on a sloping terrain, with a prominent roof and a layout that seamlessly integrates the indoor and outdoor living spaces. The project’s architectural expression is described as “moderately rustic,” reflecting the homeowner’s desire for a country-inspired aesthetic that still embodies the principles of contemporary design.

Moscova Fil Rouge: Transforming a Milanese Apartment

Minimalist open-concept living space with burgundy accent wall, grey sofa, and modern kitchen.

Designed by the TGA Studio in 2024, the Moscova Fil Rouge project in Milan, Italy, showcases the transformation of a two-bedroom apartment into a flexible three-bedroom, two-bathroom residence. The design prioritizes optimal space utilization, including a unique bathroom layout that separates the master en-suite from a secondary bathroom. The living area features a versatile double-folding glass partition, allowing the space to function as either an open-concept living room or a second bedroom.

Casa CX3: Sustainable House Design by LM Arkylab in Mexico

A modern, open-plan home with a wooden exterior, large windows, and lush landscaping.

Within the Tierraverde condominium in Jesús María, Mexico, LM Arkylab has designed the captivating Casa CX3, a single-family residence completed in 2022. This 750m2 house was crafted with a family of five in mind, prioritizing ample spaces for gatherings and seamless integration with the surrounding greenery. The project’s conceptual strategy of “IMMERSION” ensures each interior space directly connects to an exterior element, fostering a harmonious blend of indoor and outdoor living.