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Harbor View: Thoughtful Design Brings Natural Light to NYC House

Sleek modern home with a stunning pool surrounded by lush greenery and shady trees.

Showcasing a harmonious blend of indoor-outdoor living, the Harbor View residence, designed by the renowned Martin Architects, presents a captivating example of modern architecture in New York, United States. Featuring thoughtful planning that allows natural light to permeate the lower level, this house seamlessly integrates the warm textures of wood-paneled walls with the serene pools and gardens that surround it, creating a seamless transition between the built and natural environments.

Amber Place: Zen-Inspired Remodel

Expansive open-concept living area with modern furniture, neutral tones, and lush outdoor view.

Centerfield Studio‘s recent remodel of the 3,600 SF Amber Place in Portland, Oregon, US, seamlessly blends the owner’s desire for a “Zen and Pop” aesthetic. Designed in 2020, this captivating house showcases the studio’s expertise in crafting harmonious living spaces that balance tranquility and vibrancy. With a focus on high-quality materials and innovative design solutions, the Amber Place project offers a compelling glimpse into the intersection of modern architecture and interior design.