LLL House: A Peek into Rome’s Minimalist Apartment Design

Unveiling the LLL House: Studio Tamat‘s minimalist masterpiece stands in Rome, Italy, redefining apartment living in 2023. This elegant project combines modern design with functional spaces, featuring unique furnishings and a serene color palette, making every inch a testament to contemporary minimalism.

Modern kitchen interior with minimalist design and a McDonald's logo on the wall.
Modern room with a red framed frosted glass door and corrugated wall panel
Modern interior with a fluted column, wooden floors, and minimalist furniture.
Bright room with art on walls, a tan armchair, and an orange side
Modern room with art on walls, velvet chairs, and a white chandelier.
Minimalist bedroom with open door to bathroom, muted tones, and simple decor.
View into a small bathroom through an open door, with a pedestal sink and chair
Modern bathtub with black fixtures and a retro space poster on the wall.
Arched shower niche with blue tiles in a peach bathroom.

About LLL House

Elegant Minimalism: The LLL House by Studio Tamat

Nestled in the heart of Rome, Italy, Studio Tamat’s 2023 creation, the LLL House, epitomizes modern living with a minimalist twist. Although exterior views are not on display, one can only imagine the seamless integration of this modern apartment with Rome’s historic charm.

Upon entering, visitors are greeted with a crisp, well-lit kitchen, where functionality meets sleek design. Clean lines dominate, with a neutral color palette punctuated by red framing and an innovative, cylindrical partition adding depth without sacrificing space. This focal piece guides you to the adjacent dining area, marrying the cooking and eating spaces with an effortless flow.

Transitioning into the living quarters, the space opens up to reveal an eclectic mix of contemporary art. Bold graphics and playful silhouettes contrast against the white walls, while unique furniture pieces, such as the caramel-toned armchairs and the citrus-hued side table, inject warmth and personality.

Transition to Tranquility: Bedrooms & Baths

A step into the bedroom showcases a serene reprieve from the vibrant common areas. The muted tones encourage relaxation, and natural light bathes the room, highlighting the subtle elegance of the simple furnishings. An en-suite bathroom peeks from behind traditional double doors, where classic fixtures recall the timeless Italian style.

The main bathroom conveys a sense of modern spa-like serenity, with soft hues enveloping the space, creating a cocoon of calm. A sleek, mounted tub and a poster boasting vibrant space thematic graphics juxtapose contemporary flair with vintage inspirations. Completing the journey, the shower area features a soothing blue tile arrangement, symbolizing a refreshing closure to the day.

A Union of Form and Function

Studio Tamat’s LLL House seamlessly blends modern design principles with an air of comfortable livability, bringing Rome’s ancient allure to an intimate living space of 2023. Visually impactful yet tranquil, the LLL House is a paradisiacal intersection of art, architecture, and everyday life. Such deliberate design choices reinforce Rome’s status as a hub for innovation nestled within historical grandeur, presenting an apartment that is not only a home but a work of art in itself.

Photography by Eller Studio
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- by Matt Watts