New Life of a Small Apartment: Modernizing Moscow’s Mid-Century Spaces

Discover the transformation of a Moscow apartment by designer Katya Vladimirova. Set in a 1960s building, this small apartment has been redesigned for a unique blend of modern flair and historical charm. From ingenious decorative techniques to preserving vintage architectural elements, this project exemplifies a modern and airy living space in Russia’s vibrant capital.

Contemporary living room with neutral tones and minimalist decor.
Contemporary living room with minimalist decor and neutral tones.
Minimalist living room with neutral tones and indoor plant.
Modern kitchen interior with clean lines, wooden table and chairs, and pendant light.
Minimalist kitchenette with white cabinetry and framed artwork.
Modern bedroom with white bedding and tree mural wall design.
Contemporary bedroom with tree motif wall design and simple wooden furniture.
Modern bedroom interior with white bedding and hanging pendant light.
Modern bathroom with gray tiles, shower over tub, and minimalist decor.
Modern bathroom with gray tiles, white vanity, and wall-mounted towel rack.
Modern bathroom with grey tiles, wall-mounted toilet, and sink.

About Small Apartment

Reviving a Mid-Century Moscow Apartment

Nestled in the historic heart of Moscow, a 1960s-era apartment springs to life under the deft touches of designer Katya Vladimirova. The “New life of a small apartment” project, conceived in 2023, became the first owned property of a young client seeking a blend of contemporary zest and vintage charm within a modest 45 sq m living space. Once clad in the confines of an untouched past, the apartment now boasts a modern layout and design that honors its heritage.

Breathing Space and Light into the Living Area

Upon entry, one steps into a thoughtfully planned sitting room where Vladimirova has masterfully overcome the 2.55m ceiling limitation. Wall lighting pairs with strategically placed mirrors, amplifying the sense of expanse, while unassuming furniture in pastel tones complements the serene atmosphere. Each decorative choice aligns with the intent to make the space feel breathable and expansive.

Transitioning from the plush comforts of the living area, the kitchen area unfolds seamlessly. Here, the designer’s commitment to airiness continues. The compact, modern kitchen, equipped with sleek cabinetry and a cozy dining nook, invites natural light to dance across its surfaces. Functionality marries form, with each fixture and furnishing serving the dual purpose of utility and visual appeal.

A Personal Retreat with Artistic Flair

The private quarters, intimate yet spirited, feature a bold wall accent reminiscent of a golden-hued arboreal retreat, a nod to the lingering touch of the 1960s aesthetic. The room is a serene enclave finished with soft textiles and ambient lighting, amid which contemporary art finds its well-considered placement.

Lastly, the bathroom, often an afterthought in small apartments, is granted the attention it deserves. Vladimirova’s vision for a tranquil, streamlined space is realized through monochrome tiling and minimalist fixtures that evoke calm and cleanliness, leaving the beholder with a lasting impression of meticulous detail and timeless design.

Embodied within every corner of this renovated gem is the spirit of a thoughtful and innovative transformation, turning the once dated apartment into a radiant statement of contemporary sensibility intertwined with historic reverence.

Photography courtesy of Katya Vladimirova
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- by Matt Watts