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Winelands Villa: A Fusion of Farmhouse Charm & Modern Design

FeaturedModern living room with large windows, vaulted ceiling, and minimalist furniture.

Discover the enchanting Winelands Villa, designed by ARRCC in 2023, nestled in the picturesque Paarl-Franschhoek Valley, South Africa. This contemporary house harmoniously blends luxury with the valley’s rich agricultural heritage.

ARRCC‘s vision was to create a sophisticated country house, perfectly suited for entertainment and designed to embrace the stunning outdoor environment.

Dune House: A Coastal Retreat in South Africa

Dune House: A Coastal Retreat in South Africa

Explore the Dune House by KLG Architects, a 2022 coastal retreat in Betty’s Bay, South Africa. This cottage-style residence uniquely balances environmental sensitivity with modern living. Its design features a wind-protective roofscape and an elevated structure on timber posts, offering stunning views of the ocean, sky, and mountains.

Embodying sustainable practices and seamless integration with nature, the Dune House is a true custodian of its landscape.

Glen Villa: ARRCC’s Modern Cape Town Masterpiece

FeaturedGlen Villa: ARRCC’s Modern Cape Town Masterpiece

Welcome to Glen Villa: ARRCC transforms a Cape Town treasure, perched at the foot of the iconic Table Mountain. This contemporary home, previously the vision of architect Antonio Zaninovic, now boasts ARRCC‘s signature enhancements—a new garden pavilion and an upgraded penthouse main suite.

Every change, from the enclosed wine room to the expansive terraced lawn, aims to merge crisp architectural lines with the rugged natural beauty of the mountainside, ensuring a breathtaking harmony between luxury living and the wild South African landscape.

Upper Albert: Cape Town’s Modern Concrete Retreat with a Nod to the Past

FeaturedUpper Albert: Cape Town’s Modern Concrete Retreat with a Nod to the Past

In the picturesque landscapes of Cape Town, South Africa, renowned designer SAOTA unveils Upper Albert, a remarkable concrete house designed in 2022.

Architect Philip Olmesdahl marries the raw, tactile beauty of concrete with a vibrant dash of red pigment, inspired by his Mexican travels. Blending a stark modern aesthetic with personal and local historical touches, the house stands as both a testament to the progressive architecture of SAOTA and a love letter to the city’s rich heritage, all while offering panoramic views of the iconic cityscape.

House Swanepoel: A Modern Retreat in Betty’s Bay

House Swanepoel: A Modern Retreat in Betty’s Bay

House Swanepoel, a modern gem crafted by KLG Architects in 2022, rests gracefully in the idyllic coastal village of Betty’s Bay, South Africa. The home blends history and innovation, marrying the distinctive Cape rural agricultural vernacular with a fresh modern design.

This seaside retreat invites city dwellers to bask in panoramic mountain views, while living harmoniously with the precious Kogelberg biosphere, all just a 55-mile journey from Cape Town.

Villa Meyersdal: Where Contemporary Design Meets Johannesburg Charm

FeaturedVilla Meyersdal: Where Contemporary Design Meets Johannesburg Charm

Villa Meyersdal is a stunning contemporary family home nestled in the heart of Johannesburg, South Africa. Conceived by the acclaimed design studio, TBAD – Theo Bothma Architects & Design, this property was brought to life in 2021 and flawlessly incorporates the charm of the city with the relaxation of a well-appointed home.

This remarkable house, designed to take full advantage of Johannesburg’s temperate climate, offers a seamless blend of spacious interiors and beautifully landscaped exteriors, while highlighting striking views of the city skyline. With elegant detailing and a unique emphasis on lighting design, Villa Meyersdal guarantees luxury living and creates an impressively warm ambiance for families.