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Forest Villa: Reverence of Nature in Modern Design

Lush, verdant garden sanctuary amid modern architecture, with benches and planting beds.

In the outskirts of Hefei, China, near Dashu Mountain National Forest Park, the Forest Villa offers a remarkable meld of natural beauty and architectural artistry. Designed by HAS Design and Research, this house, accomplished in 2023, provides a sustainable and timeless living experience, inspired by and deeply intertwined with nature’s bounty. Utilizing core principles of eternity and spirituality, HAS bridges traditional Chinese aesthetics with modern techniques to create a space unlike any other.

Villa Delle Anfore: Innovative Restaurant Design in Scopello, Italy

Modern Mediterranean-style villa with covered patio, manicured lawn, and stone retaining wall.

Dario Salamone‘s latest culinary masterpiece, Villa Delle Anfore, has transformed a traditional Italian villa in Scopello into a captivating restaurant that seamlessly blends modern design with the region’s rich architectural heritage.

This 2023 project showcases Salamone’s exceptional talent for creating inviting spaces that celebrate the natural beauty of their surroundings, making it a must-visit destination for discerning foodies and design enthusiasts alike.

MapleHaus: Sustainable Architecture in the High Desert of Utah

A modern, wooden cabin-style structure nestled among lush, forested hills.

KLIMA architecture‘s latest residential design, MapleHaus, is a captivating example of energy-efficient living in Park City, United States. This 2500 sq ft house, completed in 2021, features 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, seamlessly blending modern design with Passive House building principles. Clad in weathering Corten steel, the home’s exterior will gracefully age over time, offering a high fire rating in the high desert mountain environment. With a focus on maximizing livable space and minimizing waste, the project’s innovative 12’x12′ grid system and material palette exemplify the architectural firm’s commitment to sustainable, thoughtful design.

Bridgehampton Beach House: Oceanfront Living Reimagined

Modern luxury villa with infinity pool, covered patio, and panoramic ocean views.

In the coastal community of Bridgehampton, United States, a formally innovative home by Steven Harris Architects redefines oceanfront living. Referencing the work of modernist masters like Oscar Niemeyer and Roberto Burle Marx, this 2022 house strategically places its public spaces on the second floor to maximize panoramic ocean views, while a sculptural pavilion-turned-reflecting-pool draws the sea even closer. Sustainable materials, energy-efficient design, and integrated landscaping make this Bridgehampton Beach House a celebration of art, nature, and responsible architecture.

House of Light and Shadow: Captivating San Francisco Residential Transformation

Sleek modern living room with high ceiling, gray sectional, and wood accents. Minimalist design.

San Francisco’s House of Light and Shadow, designed by acclaimed architects William Duff Architects, is a captivating transformation that seamlessly blends traditional and modern elements. This 3,758-square-foot residential gem showcases a harmonious interplay of light, shadow, and meticulous attention to detail, creating a truly exceptional living experience.

Parsons House: Breathtaking Views and Sustainable Design

A modern, beautifully designed house nestled among lush greenery, featuring striking architectural elements and illuminated interiors.

Situated atop Mt Pleasant in Christchurch, New Zealand, the Parsons House is a private residence designed by the talented team at MC Architecture Studio. Completed in 2021, this captivating home seamlessly blends into the existing dense foliage, offering a sense of seclusion and privacy while boasting expansive views over the estuary and the city beyond.

The two-winged design pivots around the heart of the home, creating a protective shelter from the southern environment while embracing the northern sun and panoramic vistas. With a focus on high-performance features, this residence showcases a harmonious balance of sleek, metallic surfaces and soft, timber elements, resulting in a truly remarkable architectural masterpiece.

Axboe House: Sustainable Mountain Living in Park City

A modern, wooden-paneled mountain home with large windows and a balanced, sleek design.

Situated in the heart of Park City, Utah, the Axboe House is a stunning architectural marvel designed by the renowned KLIMA Architecture firm. This contemporary family home seamlessly blends into the picturesque mountain landscape, offering a harmonious connection to the surrounding natural environment. With a focus on energy efficiency and thoughtful spatial planning, the Axboe House showcases the designer’s commitment to creating a functional and visually captivating living space that caters to the needs of its four-person occupants.

House in the Jewish Quarter of Seville: Transforming an 18th-Century Abode

A gallery space with high ceilings, exposed beams, and modern lighting fixtures, showcasing various artworks and decorative items.

Situated in Seville, Spain, the House in the Jewish Quarter project by renowned architect Guillermo Vázquez Consuegra showcases a remarkable transformation of an 18th-century apartment into a modern living space and art gallery.

The single-family home, originally organized around a small central courtyard, has been repurposed into two independent flats with a dedicated art gallery on the ground floor, seamlessly integrating the new functions while preserving the building’s distinctive architectural character.