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Jungle Keva: Boutique Eco-Luxury in Tulum

Secluded tropical retreat with modern wooden architecture, pool, and lush greenery.

Situated in the lush Mayan jungle of Tulum, Mexico, Jungle Keva is a boutique hotel designed by Jaque Studio in 2019. This small, five-lodge property seamlessly integrates with its natural surroundings, preserving 70% of the existing vegetation and using local, low-maintenance materials to create a warm, rustic atmosphere. Featuring a double-height main room, mezzanine, and indoor-outdoor bathrooms, the lodges are designed to connect guests intimately with the stunning jungle landscape.

Garden Pavilion: Sustainable Design in the Heart of Prague

A rustic, wooden cabin-like structure with a bookshelf-lined interior and outdoor space.

The Garden Pavilion, designed by BYRÓ architekti in Prague, Czech Republic, is a captivating house project that seamlessly blends indoor and outdoor living. Completed in 2023, this unique structure offers a modest yet versatile space, catering to the clients’ desire for an outdoor retreat while maintaining a connection to the surrounding mature garden.

With its folding polycarbonate panel that allows the interior to transition seamlessly to the outdoors, the Garden Pavilion creates a paraphrase of a garden loggia, drawing inspiration from the architect’s fundamental architectural vision.

Casa Infinity: Crafting a Luxurious Beachside Retreat in Guanacaste

Modern concrete and wood residence with prominent entrance, garage, and balcony.

Casa Infinity, a stunning house designed by K10 Studio, nestles in the picturesque Guanacaste Province of Costa Rica. Completed in 2021, this extraordinary residence seamlessly blends indoor and outdoor living, creating a harmonious connection between the home and its lush, tropical surroundings. The design, rooted in simplicity and sophistication, showcases a balance of minimalist elegance and the vibrant essence of the Costa Rican environment.

DO DID Villa: Innovative House Design by L.E.D Architects

FeaturedModern, sleek residential home with large windows, landscaped garden, and paved walkway.

The DO DID Villa, designed by L.E.D Architects, is a captivating modern house located in Sisara, Iran, completed in 2022. Inspired by the surrounding landscape of the sea and forest, the villa’s design seamlessly integrates the interior and exterior spaces, creating a harmonious interplay between architecture and nature. With its striking black roof structure and strategically placed openings for natural ventilation and light, the DO DID Villa exemplifies a thoughtful approach to sustainable design.

Zen Houses: Petr Stolín Architekt’s Tranquil Czech Refuge

Rustic cabins nestled among lush greenery and tall grasses, reflecting a serene outdoor setting.

Designed by renowned architect Petr Stolín, the captivating Zen Houses in Liberec, Czech Republic, epitomize a philosophy of housing simplification. These modern dwellings feature a minimalist aesthetic, with the perimeter defining the inner space and strategic glazing that seamlessly integrates the neighboring landscape. The carefully balanced proportions and flow of the interior create a unique spatial experience, fostering a sense of visual connectivity even between the separate houses.

Gundari Resort: Embodying the Cycladic Spirit in Greece’s Hidden Gem

An impressive stone-walled terrace with a water feature set against a rugged hillside.

Gundari Resort, a captivating hotel design by block722, is set to redefine the harmony between nature and architecture in the breathtaking island of Folegandros, Greece. Blending the timeless Cycladic tradition with a modern, organic sensibility, this 80-acre hotel complex seamlessly melds with the surrounding cliffs and the boundless Aegean Sea, offering guests a harmonious retreat where architectural artistry and nature’s wonders coalesce in perfect unison.

Villa Vinohrady: Timeless Prague Home Reimagined by Papundekl

An open-concept loft with exposed wooden beams, modern kitchen, and built-in bookshelves.

Villa Vinohrady, a stunning residential project designed by Papundekl architekti, is a remarkable example of contemporary architecture in Prague, Czech Republic.

This 2023 house renovation showcases a harmonious blend of the property’s original 1925 features and modern design elements. The distinctive brick plinth, plastered facade, and high hipped roof with clay tiles are carefully preserved, while a contemporary extension adds two new rental flats with lush rooftop terraces. The interiors boast a neutral color palette, natural materials, and integrated technologies, creating a refined and functional living experience.

BioMed Realty Offices: Hacin’s Warm & Organic Workspace

An open-concept office space with modern wood and concrete finishings, artwork, and comfortable seating.

Hacin‘s design for the BioMed Realty Offices in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, blends a warm, hospitable aesthetic with functional workspace amenities. The LEED Gold-certified offices feature a rectangular “pinwheel” layout that maximizes 360-degree views of the city and Charles River, while custom shared workstations, community spaces, and a prominent meeting room create an increasingly domestic atmosphere in this leading provider of real estate solutions to the life science and technology industries.