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Graoni Beach House: Elevated Malibu Coastal Living

FeaturedCozy living space with wooden beams, large stone fireplace, and panoramic ocean views.

Montalba Architects‘ stunning Graoni Beach House in Malibu, United States, showcases a captivating blend of coastal living and modern design. Elevated to account for rising sea levels, this oceanfront residence features a thoughtful layout that maximizes the breathtaking views. Boasting an open floor plan with a combined kitchen, dining, and family room, the home seamlessly integrates indoor and outdoor living spaces, creating an airy and inviting atmosphere.

Pre-fab House by ON-A: Modular Timber Structure and BIM Application

Modern architectural design featuring floor-to-ceiling glass, sleek copper panels, and a swimming pool surrounded by lush greenery.

This striking pre-fab house, designed by Barcelona-based firm ON-A in 2016, offers a harmonious blend of contemporary architecture and energy-efficient construction. Situated in the residential area of San Cugat, the project utilizes modular, prefabricated wooden structures and Building Information Modeling (BIM) to maximize views of the surrounding forest and golf course landscape.

Boasting a transparent, open-plan layout, the two-story home features a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor living spaces, including a pool and expansive terrace.

Charles House: Multigenerational Home Design in Kew, Australia

FeaturedStriking contemporary architecture featuring bold black cladding, wood accents, and dynamic roof forms.

Designed by the renowned Australian architecture firm Austin Maynard Architects, Charles House is a captivating multigenerational home nestled in Kew, Australia. This stunning family residence, completed in 2017, seamlessly blends indoor and outdoor living, with a focus on practical, low-maintenance design and ample natural light. The project’s challenge was to create a spacious, open home that didn’t overpower the streetscape, while still offering a harmonious integration of greenery and water features.

Casas Elilula: Elevated Beach Villa with Timber Megastructure

A two-story wooden vacation home with open balconies, large windows, and a tropical setting.

Casas Elilula, a captivating collection of beach bungalows and a stunning villa, designed by renowned architect Elisa Commanay, has emerged in Belém, Brazil, offering a harmonious fusion of modern architecture and immersive nature. Comprising the fragmented Casa La, the interconnected Casa Lu, and the elevated Casa Eli, this remarkable real estate project seamlessly integrates with its lush, oceanfront surroundings, prioritizing sustainable design and fostering a dynamic creative community through the Elilula Collective.