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Gramercy Townhouse: A Fusion of New York Charm and Nordic Design

FeaturedModern dining room with large windows overlooking trees.

Gramercy Townhouse in New York City, reimagined by O’Neill Rose Architects, blends modern and Scandinavian design in a 19th-century setting.

This townhouse transforms into a serene retreat with custom-designed furnishings and unique spaces like an acoustically engineered music room and expansive kitchen. It’s a perfect blend of intimate family areas and larger social spaces, harmoniously connecting indoor elegance with the vibrant city life.

Oasis Urbaine: Biarritz’s Modern Townhouse

Modern living room with minimalistic furniture and neutral tones.

Discover Oasis Urbaine, a stunningly restructured townhouse in the heart of Biarritz, France. Crafted in 2023 by the renowned Maentler Studio, this modern home showcases the epitome of design innovation.

Oasis Urbaine blends sleek modernity with the timeless elegance inherent to this historic French town. Experience a blend of luxury and comfort in a setting that’s as culturally rich as it is visually stunning.

Chelsea Brut: The Modernist Rebirth of a Brutalist Townhouse

Chelsea Brut: The Modernist Rebirth of a Brutalist Townhouse

Discover “Chelsea Brut” in London, a breathtaking revival of a brutalist townhouse by Pricegore. This modernist gem, nestled in the historic Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, seamlessly blends its Victorian roots with contemporary family living. Pricegore‘s ingenious use of space, complemented by raw materials and lush gardens, redefines the townhouse while enhancing its thermal efficiency and energy sustainability.

With a nod to mid-century Brazilian architecture, Chelsea Brut stands as a testament to the timeless appeal of thoughtfully conserved modernist design.

House OO: Taiwan’s Modern Living Redefined

House OO: Taiwan’s Modern Living Redefined

House OO in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan, represents a reinvention of space by TYarchistudio, transforming a 40-year-old property into a modern townhouse that embodies the fluidity of daily life. Emphasizing natural light, organic materials, and open circulation, this 2023 design invites the outdoors in, fostering a dialogue between serene interiors and dynamic living.

From the sun-soaked reading nook to the cypress-scented dining area, House OO is a testament to thoughtful modern living, where every corner is a canvas for life’s daily rituals and joys.

Bed-Stuy Townhouse: Reinventing Brooklyn Chic

Bed-Stuy Townhouse: Reinventing Brooklyn Chic

Welcome to a seamless blend of history and modernity in the heart of Brooklyn’s Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood. Olbos Studio has masterfully reinvented a late 19th-century townhouse into a canvas of contemporary elegance for a worldly couple. This renovation embraces the area’s storied past with its lofty ceilings and traditional brickwork, while infusing a vibrant palette that captures the essence of its occupants—a lawyer with a penchant for tattoos and a strategist steeped in fine arts. The redesigned Bed-Stuy Townhouse marries classic architecture with forward-thinking design, making every corner a dialogue between tradition and innovation.