Gramercy Townhouse: A Fusion of New York Charm and Nordic Design

Gramercy Townhouse in New York City, reimagined by O’Neill Rose Architects, blends modern and Scandinavian design in a 19th-century setting.

This townhouse transforms into a serene retreat with custom-designed furnishings and unique spaces like an acoustically engineered music room and expansive kitchen. It’s a perfect blend of intimate family areas and larger social spaces, harmoniously connecting indoor elegance with the vibrant city life.

Minimalist room with large window overlooking a courtyard garden.
Modern room with geometric floor design, sleek furniture, and a large photo on the
Modern dining room with large windows overlooking trees.
Modern kitchen with wooden cabinets and a large grey hood.
Minimalist interior with large angled window, city view, and modern furniture.
Modern stairwell with geometric skylight and minimalist design.
Modern interior with large windows, geometric shapes, and city view.
Modern urban balcony with plants overlooking city buildings.
Modern building entrance with sharp angles and contrasting materials.
Modern backyard with a steel-framed balcony and lower-level patio area.

About Gramercy Townhouse

Gramercy Townhouse: A Modern Sanctuary

Gramercy Townhouse stands as a vertical gradient of spaces, offering a serene escape from New York City’s hustle. Occupants find solace, reconnecting with family, friends, and a community of South Asian artists. This project transforms a 19th-century townhouse into a modern haven with a new penthouse.

Elegant Living Spaces

On the lower levels, residents enjoy cooking, dining, socializing, and performing. These activities revolve around a cozy rear garden. Custom furniture, co-designed with collaborators, facilitates both intimate and large family gatherings.

Private Retreats and City Views

The upper levels offer quiet, private spaces, where contemplation meets urban vistas. Large angled windows, a sculptural skylight, and a rear terrace with an oculus create a seamless indoor-outdoor experience. Here, residents engage in a visual conversation with the city.

Unique Features for Versatile Living

This home uniquely balances family life and larger social events. It boasts an acoustically engineered music room, a media room for up to 15, and a versatile kitchen. The kitchen, intimate for four, expands to accommodate twelve. Collaborations with Danish artisans brought life to these bespoke furnishings, tailored to the townhouse’s distinctive needs.

Photography courtesy of O’Neill Rose Architects

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- by Matt Watts